Japan XIII Kyoto KP cup and more BALA combos

From the Professor of mmcafe:

Just a quick note, the top Japanese KOF13 player Kaoru, who’s pretty much been MIA after the console release, appeared at the Kyoto tournament last night and went on an OCV rampage beating everyone there (url was posted by Gunsmith so I’m sure people were watching). During the tournament, he also declared that he’s going to EVO.

This guy is like a machine. He’s currently on a 600 winning streak with zero losses in ranked. However, he’s in west Japan so he hasn’t really played against the other top players mostly in the east like Ogosho or Dune, so it’s hard to say whether he’s weaker or stronger than them.

In case people need a refresher who Kaoru is, he and his partner “Woo” joined a 5v5 Regional tournament by themselves and virtually did a 2 man sweep vs Osaka, Kyoto (with No.17 representing) and Hyogo seen here.

The current Kyoto KP cup videos can be seen here.

US KOFXIII Reigning champion B.a.l.a. has produce yet another combo video featuring Ralf, King, Leona, Yuri, Iori, Maxima, and Billy.

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