Power Up 2012 KOFXIII results

KOFXIII Tournament results
1. IGL|B.A.L.A. (Leona/Joe/Takuma)
2. FC|NYChris G (King/Kyo/Benimaru, Edit random, Team random)
3. TFA.RZR|Banana Ken (Athena/Elisabeth/Yuri)
4. DandyJ (Ralf/Mr. Karate/Kim, Billy/Mr. Karate/Hwa, Mr. Karate/EX Iori/Hwa)
5. ActionHank (Robert/K’/Benimaru)
5. James Jr. (Andy/EX Iori/King)

Link to the archive. Thanks to Alex in the comments!

Team Cancel vs Team Power Up (6v6 event) results
Team Power Up defeats Team Cancel, 6-5


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