A Drop from the past (v1.1)…

DAAAAAA~~~~~! For the fortunate ones who did not get a chance to play v1.1 –all you missed out was a lot of K”s and Raiden’s Dropkicks headaches. Raiden has since been revised in the console and Climax edition to be less dependent on his dropkicks. Nico user, Brody, has compiled a series of Dropkick combos paying homage to our old friend. Who said dropkicks were a thing of the past?

Superdropkick compilation (1): http://youtu.be/hVTJlkNUL78
Superdropkick compilation (2): http://youtu.be/7NS10Be72DA

For the time stamps of each combo including the inputs click here.

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  • You pretty much nailed 1.1. It came to the point where I would skip any round involving K’ and Raiden.
    Oh wait… yeah that was most of them. -.-

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