DC KOF XIII Online Tournament 5/19 Results

15+ players showed up for the tournamanet on Saturday, with the longest run of a tourney yet (7 hours). Here are the results:

DarKaoZ [18.5]
Jay-1andONLY1 [14 points]
Spliph [4 points]
Crimson_Assassin [1 point]
Hurtfulthings [1 point]
Nekoyaoi [1 point]
PaTrickC [1 point]
fairysun [0 points]
Jetfable [0 points]
solidshark [0 points]

FreeRunner [8.5 points]
Adazuol [8 points]
RexDart7 [6 points]
LazieFreddy [4 points]
thec0re3 [2 points]
Orochi_Xell [0 points]
ShogunofLive [0 points]

Full match information and more can be found here:


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