A few parting words

EVO 2012 was nothing short of amazing. BALA was dominating as usual but MadKOF was like a man possessed as he battled his way through his fellow Cafe Id team members and into finals. His opening round was a strong statement as his Duo Lon completely decimated BALA’s Billy. And then shit got real.

Seeing KOF on the main stage at EVO was too lofty a goal when Dream Cancel launched. The idea behind the site was to create a place for the KOF community to meet, share information and grow. It was as simple as that. It kind of had to be since, back then, nobody know if KOFXIII would even be released on home consoles.

When DC launched, I was lucky enough to find some very good mods to help build the frame work here and really cement the community through information sharing and online tournaments. And, when XIII was released, we shifted our focus to it and tried our hardest to unify the community behind that game. I think we were successful in that goal and, seeing the turnout and hype at EVO for XIII, the overall FGC seems to agree.

Moving on
Now that DC has accomplished more than I could have hoped, it’s time for me to move on. I am working on returning to school part-time to earn a Bachelors degree, even though my Associates has gotten me rather far. It’s also time for a new vision to drive the site and, to that end, I’m leaving Desmond Delaghetto and Kane317 in charge. Both of these guys have been extremely good for Dream Cancel and will, no doubt, keep the momentum going as well as exploring new ideas. I look forward to seeing what they come up with.

I owe tons of people thanks for the success of Dream Cancel. Everyone who has ever volunteered as a mod has been outstanding and I owe them all a debt of gratitude. I also appreciate every member of the Dream Cancel family. Without all of you, DC is nothing. Finally, I owe a great deal of thanks to the haters. Nothing lets you know you’re succeeding as much as the ire of the hater collective.

And with that, thanks for playing. I’ll catch you around!

– nilcam


  • Don’t be a stranger Nilcam! I thank you for the work done on this site and keeping SNKP/KOF alive. I think this is a great community and hopefully it can go even further.

    • Thanks for everything Nilcam. You did great things to the community and to the game. I wish we have met, online atleast.

  • Thank you for your work on this site :) I recently just found out about this site and struck gold. It’s nice to have a place to go to for info and to meet people who love The King of Fighters as much as I. Thank you Nilcam, good luck on your studies, and I hope you can return one day.

  • Thank you so much and see you around! KOF forever!

  • RunningWild1984

    See you later Space Cowboy.

  • To the man who gave me hope for KOF in America, you are a gentleman and a (literally) scholar. Do good work wherever you go, and watch the monster you’ve created thrive.

  • See you later Space Cowboy.

  • Sad for Bala, he was good but mad_kof was like other lv for he, no only duo lon decimate he billy, chin beat takuma so easily . . . anyway, the KOF final was the best part of the evo 2012 for sure, never forget!

  • M. Jerod Davis

    Thank you so much for playing a such pivotal role in the development of our great community. Best of luck in your continued studies, and beyond. We’ll be trying our best not to let you down!!!

  • You ‘ve really done a great job m8 and I wish you good luck with anything you do

  • Good luck on your future endeavors! Thanks for bringing dreamcancel to this world. The community owes you BIG.

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