• Nice find. They do look practical , i never knew terry had a fast hitting over head move. its kinda broken that he can combo off of it. Terry just went up the tier list.

  • darren mickens aka dmick1981

    oh wow i didnt know he can do that comming from a terry player. terry needs every tool he can get so i dont think that its broken at all because you still would have to hit confirm off of light crackshoot and your opponent would still have to be crouching and not blocking for you to pull that off.everyone blocks crackshoots standing nowadays anyway because they know that he is positive 2 frames if they block low. terry has shit for tools in this game besides st.c st.b and a well spaced a.burn knuckle.

  • For it to combo, you have to be at a certain distance or the opponent has to be crouching and not blocking. You could use LK Crackshoot as a whiff punisher for slow low moves or a poorly timed low B which would show more practical use. You could also use it as a spacing tool since if they jump, you can still combo off it at as well. The practicality dips because it’s a really tight link (1,2F I’d wager) and reacting to that is hard. Not only that, you have to commit to it. If you commit and you block, they could punish you with a throw or dp.

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