Amazing Performance by 10 Year Old French Player Wawa

At WGC this weekend, a 10 year old French player named Wawa put on an impressive show during the 5v5 World Team tournament grand finals. Check out this amazing player at the 16m30s mark out from the footage of the 5v5 below! (edited out spoilers)



  • Los Illuminados

    if i didn’t see it with my own eyes i would have not believe it. a 10 year old kid playing KOF game and very good at it too. damn this kid is legit! KOF is not like any other fighting video game. you need skills to play KOF right. this kid is trained well and kids when discipline well, absorb information like a sponge around this age. so i can see why he is good. this WAWA kid i hope some 1 sponsor him. i wanna see him at EVO 2013 for KOF. awesome World team Cup KOFXIII! OH MY DAYS! great job Gunsmith on commentary. way better then HeLLpockets.

  • First off.
    Good Matches from both Team France and Team Morroco, they both did great!!!

    Wow!!! WaWa is amazing, he shows promise we U.S. KOFers hope to get to witness more of WaWa at this years Evo :)

    WaWa + HorseHead = MadHype!!!

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