FIXED: Reynald vs Mr KoF exhibtion–An Evo champion’s workout parts 1, 2 & 3

Despite being in SoCal, fostering homes to some of the biggest US KOFXIII players such as Mr KoF, TC|Romance, TC|ChrisKoF, TC|LuisCha, TC|Yoshi, TC|TheBeast, TD|Ricky Diaz, (and now) Kanibalito– one might find it strange that the Evo2013 KOFXIII champ barely plays against anyone much.

Stated in several interviews, Reynald practices solely with one guy only when prepping for any tournament– Mr KoF. Perhaps it’s not that strange since Reynald does (unofficially) credit Mr KoF to be the one who taught him how to play KOF.

Here’s a long session broken into four parts of Mr KoF and Reynald going at it for hours:

EDIT: Reupping part 2 and part 3 as they seem to be giving people errors, be patient and check back later tonight.

EDIT2: Had issues rendering the file in mp4 with my normal caption overlaps, so I had to upload the raw file instead.

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