We Love KoF Pt.1 – Kings of Colorado

We love KoF – KoF communities around the world

There are many KoF communities around the world.  Some of them we have come to know quite well through their players and streams, but there are many other communities out there who love KoF that you might not have heard of.  To celebrate the love of KoF around the world, we are starting a series of articles titled “We Love KoF” to highlight the different KoF communites, including the ones that you might not be familiar with.  We hope that by exposing the stories behind different communities, you will be inspired to keep developing and growing your own local scene.

For the first installment, we head toward the scenic state of Colorado.  Colorado is the home of a big FGC including a group of very dedicated KoF players.  Most of the FGC in Colorado is organized by the Extra Fresh League, which consists of all fighting game players of Colorado.

The humble beginnings of the Kings of Co

Feeling the need to attract new players for KoF and to gain recognition within the community, the KoF players started a subgroup within EFL called “Kings of CO” about a year ago.  They are a dedicated group of players that gather twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays) to play KoF XIII.

When Kings of CO first started, they had only 4 members.  Now, they have 12 members that have been coming to weekly gatherings looking to improve their skills.  In order to attract new players, they promoted heavily on the EFL website and ran dedicated streams twice a week. They also made some Kings of CO T-shirts which has been a big hit.  They are also actively working on running a tournament with the venue they do their weekly casuals with which is Safehouse Gaming.

Regular members of Kings of CO consists of Pedro aka Riot Iori, Daniel aka Astro, Edgar aka E^2, Luis aka KGalaga, Alan aka A$@P Alan, Jose aka El Principe, Alex, Abel, Christian aka KrsJin, Greg aka Spineshark, and Jesse aka Hellfire.

For a sample of the top players from CO, check out:

Pedro aka Riot Iori. His current team is Mr. Karate, Benimaru, Flame Iori. He has an offensive/defensive game style, adapts well and manages to switch up his style effectively during play. He was able to get out of pools at EVO 2012 and was close to getting out of pools at this years EVO. Losses were to Fox from France and Keykkako from Japan. He has won majority of the CO tournaments and one out of state tournament in NM.

Alan aka A$@P Alan. His current team is EX Kyo, Hwa Jai, Kim. He is a very patient player and punishes well. Likes to play mind games with his opponents. Definitely an up and coming player that wants to travel and learn different styles. He has won several of the ranbats we do weekly and was close to getting out of pools at this years EVO. Losses were to Ricky Diaz and KaneBlueRiver.

Jose aka El Principe. His current main team is Flame Iori, Clark, Kim. Offensive player that likes to keep the pressure going. Definitely know his characters well enough to punish any mistake effectively. He also wants to start traveling outside of CO and gain recognition as one of the best. Won the last big tournament (GrindHouse) in CO.

How to get in touch

If you are in Colorado, or planning to visit in the future, make sure to meet up with these guys for casuals.  They are a very dedicated group of players that love KoF and are happy to help out anyone interested in learning the game.

To learn more about the KoF scene in Colorado, check out www.extrafresh.net.  You can follow them on twitch at www.twitch.tv/kingsofco or on twitter @kingsofco and on steam they made a kingsofco group and anyone is welcome to join.

This is a series of articles dedicated to showcase the different communities around the world united by their love of KoF, including the ones that you might not have heard of before.  If you want your community included in the future installments, feel free to contact me.

Special thanks to Pedro “Riot Iori” for help in writing this article.


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