Relive the events leading up to Evo 2012 in comics: The story of SNK, Cafeid, Evo, and Kof

If you remember, the kof finals at Evo 2012 was one of the hypest tournament ever.  Now Kenny over at FGToon has created a 3 part webcomic to retell the story leading up to Evo 2012.  You’ll recognize some familiar faces in the comic, including Madkof, Verna, Kensouzzang, Bala, Reynald, Metaphysics, Hellpockets, and more.

The comic covers the history of SNK, the history behind Cafeid, what happened at Evo 2012, and an introduction to KofXIII.

Check out the comics below:

Part 1 – KOF and SNK:

Part 2 – Cafeid Story :

Part 3 – How’s KofXIII:



  • I just started reading, but
    >Art of Fighting 3
    >Horrible things
    I’m mad.

    • Hi, I’m the author of the comic, Kenny and the reason I put those 4 things at the flaming house is that is one of the things that gotten SNK to go bankrupt. Although it wasn’t horrible, it did cost a fortune and gotten little profit.

      Sorry if I offended you! -kenny-

      • I changed it to unfortunate events if that helps

      • Oh, I’m just complaining for no reason – I don’t really know how AoF3 did financially, but even though I do like it, I can certainly understand how it might not have been well received.

        Good job on the comic, though. I love the fact that the CafeID chair made an appearance.

  • Eh, I found 2013’s far more hype; to me the 2012 Grand Finals was just watching Bala ruin a good lead and lose steam, while last year’s had that reverse OCV that actually progressively got more exciting as the set wore on.

  • Congratulations! A great production! Longer will prepare the history of Evo 2013

  • This was really good, i loved the way the story was told, i didnt know the back story of Cafe ID or the table etc. keep up the good work. Loved the KOF KOF KOF bit

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