KOF 98 UM FE netcode will be based on input delay, equal to 1/2 of ping


We just got some more information in regards to the netcode of the upcoming Steam release of KOF 98 UM Final Edition.  According to the Code Mystic, the netcode will not be a rollback style netcode, but rather an input-delay type, with delays equal to 1/2 of ping.  Ping numbers will be displayed before matches.  The reasons for this decision was due to the fact that the XBLA/NESICA source code was not built for rollback.

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  • Ah why quite a few complain and blame SNKP for not giving them the code they want?
    Why they never talk to SNKP directly, individually, or collectively with their fellow complaining folks??
    I’ve mailed SNKP for KOF fan anniversary stuff you guys have informed about.
    They’ve got their face book, too, called kof world. It’s such an irony that they claim they don’t care non local stuff when they have posted thanks giving message to their fans which has very little do do with Japanese culture.
    Please do some positive stuff folks.

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