Pocket Rumble is a New Fighting Game inspired by NeoGeo Pocket Titles

There is an exciting new indie game on Kickstarter titled Pocket Rumble. According to the developers, Pocket Rumble is inspired by the SNK fighters for NeoGeo Pocket, featuring Street Fighter style gameplay and an 8-bit art style.

Aside from inspirations from classic NGPC titles, Pocket Rumble also packs quite a few new features, some of which are quite innovative:

– Double Blind character select (online/offline)
– ELO ranked mode
– Ghost AI
– GGPO support
– Backup characters
– Lesson mode
– Mod support
– In game display of hitboxes and frame data

In addition to all the above, the game will actually be ported back onto the NeoGeo Pocket Color, so you can dig out your NGPC from your collection and play the game on the road

Check out the Kickstarter page below:


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