TGA Winter Championship results, match videos

The TGA Winter Championship took place last night in Shanghai was one of the biggest KOF tournament this year, the tournament featured a large prize pot with over $16,000 USD.

After a series of qualifiers, 8 finalists were selected to play in the finals which took place yesterday.  The results are as follow:

1. XiaoHai
2. LaoHe (老黑)
3. UP
4. ET

With his victory yesterday, XiaoHai further cements his legacy as the most dominant KOF player on the planet.  He has won the three biggest KOF tournaments this year across three different KOF titles:

June: TGA Summer Championship (KOF 2002UM)
July: EVO 2014 (KOF XIII)
November: TGA Winter Championship (KOF 98UM)

Check out the replays below:Grand Final: XiaoHai vs LaoHe

Third Place: UP vs ET

Top 4: LaoHe vs UP

Top 4: XiaoHai vs ET


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