KOF 97 OL trailer features new characters and modes for the HD remake of KOF 97

Back in August we reported that China’s CMGE has obtained official licenses from SNK Playmore to work on HD remakes of KOF 97, Samurai Shodown II, and Metal Slug 2.

Today, CMGE has released the first trailer for their HD remake of KOF 97.  The title is called “The King of Fighters ’97 OL,” where OL stands for online.  As expected from CMGE, a company specializes in mobile games, the title is set to be a mobile game intended for smart phones and tablets.

As you can see in the trailer, the original opening in 97 has been remade with new HD character art.  However, instead of remaking new sprites, KOF 97 OL are using new 3D characters models.

Some characters like Charlotte from the Samurai Shodown series are making guest appearances in the title.  There also seem to be new characters in addition to the original cast.  Lastly, there also seems to be a new 2 vs. 1 mode on top of the traditional versus modes.

The game is expected to launch in 2015 on Android platforms in China.

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