Dream Cancel KOFXIII Steam Battle #14 Results

We couldn’t grab a screencap of how many players were exactly in the chat room but we estimate around 15 to 20!

To check out the scores, visit the forum thread where they are posted:

1.) TheSh1ning: 7 wins (256 PlayKOF points)
2.) TKC|ON Vicio: 6 wins (128 PlayKOF points)
3.) CRAZEH246: 5 wins (64 PlayKOF points)
4.) Good Loser, zenkeeee, djsiegfried: 4 wins (32 PlayKOF points)
5.) besteboyjr, El Matador, RekterinoInNektarino, revolver31, Chintrick: 2 wins (16 PlayKOF points)
6.) desmond_kof, thec0r3, ASReynald: 1 win (8 PlayKOF points)

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