KOF XIV’s list of 50 characters officially revealed; DLC costume, premium art book, and KOF XIV arcade stick revealed


During the KOF XIV event at the e-Sports square in Akihabara, SNK Playmore officially revealed the list of 50 characters in the game.  The list confirms the authenticity of the leaked list that has been surfacing around the internet.


The main character is revealed to be シュンエイ (Shun’ei), who is Tung’s last disciple.


The new South American team will be made up of Bandieras, Nelson, and Zarina.  Ramon, Nakoruru, Love Heart, Alice, Yuri are joining the cast.  Xanadu will be joining Chang and Choi on the Criminal Team.  Geese’s team will have a new character named Hein.  Kim’s master Gang-Il will be joing team Korea.


Finally, there will be a Classic Kyo DLC costume, KOF XIV premium art book, and KOF XIV arcade stick to accompany the launch of KOFXIV.



Source: Charlie0816

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