Saturday Shodown #8: Samurai Shodown Tournament Results

The Samurai Shodown discord tried something different this go around. Through vote on the discord we decided to play the Original Samurai Shodown on fightcade. Very fun showing this time around really gave me a new appreciation of the Samurai Shodown 1. Clash can go rot in the ground though really dumb mechanic that did get better with time.

Here are the results for Saturday Shodown #8

  1. from beyond(Kyoshiro)
  2. Sugoi(Haohmaru)
  3. Beansprouts(Jubei,TamTam)
  4. XuneLeka(Ukyo,Wan-fu,Hanzo)
  5. Tsunderstruck(Gen-an,Nakoruru)
  6. juggy(Earthquake)
  7. fluffycoyote(Galford)
  8. doctamario(Hoahmaru, Ukyo)
  9. wormyjester(Jubei)

The Tournament bracket

Sugoi sending Beansprouts to losers in a comeback was one of the many highlights this time around. Many thanks to all that made it this time around. Was fun watching and playing a “new” samurai shodown game. Most of us are samurai shodown V special players but have been giving other samurai shodown games a shot (samurai shodown 64 please). We will be back with Moonlight Mayhem our themed tournament usually with a quirky set of rules.


Video of stream

(forgive the audio the technically difficulties end around 44:49)

We usually stream our tournaments on or but this time around I myself had to stream on


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