Crazy Battle Circuit Last Blade 2 Tournament – 2/7/2021

Join us for the third Crazy Circuit tournament of 2021 as we play The Last Blade 2 on Fightcade 2. The tournament will take place on Sunday February 7th at 12PM PT (3PM Eastern). To see more details and sign-up, please see the Matcherino page.

2021 CBC LB2 tournament flier
This is a free, online tournament for The Last Blade 2. The tournament is open to players of all skill levels and worldwide as long as you have stable internet. If your connection causes matches to be unplayable, you will be DQ’d.

Be sure to catch all the action whether you’re an entrant or spectator. All matches will be streamed here.

For best results, make sure to be present in the Fightcade lobby for match call-outs and other information. Join our official Discord Server to keep up with events, results, and to find practice matches.

When starting matches, the host of the match should hit F3 to restart the game. Failure to do so may cause part of your match to not be caught on stream. Restarting first gives the host and commentators a chance to load up the match so that they may catch all the action properly. Please do not rush to start your match.


The top 3 finishers will receive cash prizes via Matcherino. Use promo code 2021cc03 to add 35 cents to the pot for free and complete the Sponsor Quests to increase the pot even further. The more contributions, the more money you can potentially walk away with for winning!


  • Kouryu banned
  • No more than two repetitions of a loop allowed in a single combo
  • Air chains limited to two uses anywhere in a single combo
  • Lee/Zantestu AC glitch outright banned
  • Moriya’s teleport can be used freely outside of combos only

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