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Tomorrow Night on Dream Cancel Live – Episode 5: How To Build & Grow a Local KOF Community

Tomorrow night at 9:30pm CST (7:30 PST/10:30 EST) will be our fifth episode of Dream Cancel Live! We will be discussing how to properly build and grow a strong local KOF scene in your area. This will be a good listen for players who are struggling in places where the KOFXIII competition is low, and you are searching for solutions to fix that problem. We will also discuss the recent KOFXIII tournaments that were held this past weekend including players from APEX 2014, and we will talk about Japan’s MixupNight tournament. Also, we will announce upcoming tournaments and events, and do Q&A from our chatango chat room!

Players that are invited to the discussion panel tomorrow will be James Jr., Malik, FM Sway, Killey, and AS|Reynald.

You can watch the show live here on the front page of dreamcancel.com! The live embedded video will placed on the front page 30 to 45 minutes before the show starts. Please use the dreamcancel chatango box to chat with other players and to ask questions to be answered on the podcast!

Remember, tomorrow, Wednesday January 22th at 7:30pm PST, 9:30 CST, 10:30 EST!

We Love KoF Pt.1 – Kings of Colorado

We love KoF – KoF communities around the world

There are many KoF communities around the world.  Some of them we have come to know quite well through their players and streams, but there are many other communities out there who love KoF that you might not have heard of.  To celebrate the love of KoF around the world, we are starting a series of articles titled “We Love KoF” to highlight the different KoF communites, including the ones that you might not be familiar with.  We hope that by exposing the stories behind different communities, you will be inspired to keep developing and growing your own local scene.

For the first installment, we head toward the scenic state of Colorado.  Colorado is the home of a big FGC including a group of very dedicated KoF players.  Most of the FGC in Colorado is organized by the Extra Fresh League, which consists of all fighting game players of Colorado.
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Drive Cancel Radio Episode 16: APEX & SCR 2013 recap with gameplay Q & A

In this episode, Malik , Marco Polo and AGE|Romance discuss the recent tournaments APEX 2013 and Socal Regionals 2013. They reflect upon various details concerning their tournament matches and how they prepared beforehand. The players discuss proper meter management, what characters they feel are underestimated, feeling nervous while playing in tournaments, tips for new players learning KOFXIII and more.
Episode 16: APEX & SCR 2013 recap


Discuss this episode here: https://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?topic=2801.0

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Drive Cancel Radio Episode 12: Chicago KOF

In this episode, I sat down and had a chat with James Jr. (n0thin89), Mario E. (mario_kof), and Noah (konkrete) from the Chicago KOF scene! We talk about their personal KOF histories, their Chicago scene, the upcoming Chicago 4 Ultimate tournament, and more!
Episode 12: Chicago KOF

Post your thoughts in the thread: https://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?topic=2531.0


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EVO is upon us, and for the first time, The King Of Fighters will be gracing the main stage. For those who’ve wanted KOF fans and players who’ve wanted to see it at EVO, this is a proud time.

KOF XIII stream for EVO’12 is here.

The EVO Scheduling has KOF XIII (All times listed are Pacific Time). Some times might be subject to change.

Pools – Friday (7/6) 8am – 2pm & Saturday (7/7) 8am-10am

Quarter-final Bracket – Saturday 10am-Noon

Semi-final Bracket – Saturday, Noon-4pm

Finals – Sunday, 3pm-5:30pm

Good luck to Kane317, David Kong, TheANSWER, and all DC members attending, and all the competitors at EVO’12.

Tune in and GET HYPE!

For any members watching the streams, hope to see you in the DreamCancel Chat during.

More Pre-KOF XIII EVO Tournaments

Before you watch/participate for KOF XIII at EVO, here are some more offline/online tournaments to be aware of:

DC KOF XIII Online Tournament for 6/30 (Saturday) @ 3pm CT, 4pm EST
DC KOF XIII Roundtable Ranbats for 6/30 Before and after the tournament

Level Up – The Runback (Walnut, CA) on 6/28 (Thursday)
Console Gaming Tournament @Anime Expo ’12 (L.A., CA) on 6/30 (Saturday)

Gameclucks Thursdays (Lynnwood, WA) on 6/28
Pacific Northwest Montly (Auburn, WA) on 6/29 (Friday)
The Salty Runback (Seattle, WA) on 6/30 (Saturday)

The Fenway Fight Series (Boston, MA) on 6/30 (Saturday)

Windy City Shodown Prime (Northbrook, IL) on 6/30 (Saturday)

Come out and support the game if you’re able.

Roundtable Ranbats for Saturdays, Online Tournament Info (6/30) and Results (6/16)

KOF XIII Roundtable Ranbats is set for Saturdays starting this weekend (23rd) @ 4pm EST, 3pm CT, etc. Roundtable Ranbats info

Also, a new Online Tournament is set for June 30th (Saturday) with the Roundtable Ranbats following immediately after. 6/30 Tournament info

And the results for the June 16th tournament are here:

ScrewUpper [14 points]
DesmondDelaghetto [6 points]
Hurtful_Things [4 points]
SPLIPH [4 points]
solidshark [1 point]
DarKaoZ [0 points]
Glenburg89 [0 points]
Ryudo [0 points]

Rex Dart [7.5 points]
thec0re3 [4 points]
Josh [0 points]
Mr. Bakaboy [0 points]

LazieFreddy [7 points]

6/16 Tournament Results info

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