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Dream Cancel was born from a thread on the Shoryuken.com forums in which users were discussing how to build a stronger scene for the King of Fighters game. This site is my contribution to that effort. I have attempted to create a place for all SNK/SNKP fans to gather, ┬áregardless of skill level. – nilcam

Meet The Team

Kane317 (Dream Cancel Admin)
I’m an entrepreneur in the people building business. I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember dating back to the Atari and the Famicon (NES in the US) days. Growing up in both Hong Kong and the US and various other countries I’ve been exposed to a variety of games but fighting games has always been my poison of choice. Dabbed into SFII like most but it wasn’t till Fatal Fury and of course KOF ’94 that really piqued my interest, since then I have been playing KOF for more years than I care to count and I am not going to stop anytime soon. Ultimately, I plan on growing the XIII community in the US together with the help of Dream Cancel. Contact me.

desmond_kof (Admin)
I am Desmond Hollins, aka desmond_kof (formally Desmond Delaghetto). I also go by the music producer alias Katrah-Quey. I’ve been playing fighters since I was a little kid but I’ve just taken them seriously since a few years ago. I have always had a appreciation for SNK games and I love sharing them with others. Contact me.

solidshark (Global Forum Moderator)
I’m a gamer, fighting enthuiast and long-time SNK fan. I started with the Genesis port of Samurai Shodown (Spirits) 1, and later an arcade cab of KOF ’95 in China, and have been playing since. I’m happy to be a part of the Dream Cancel community, and eager to watch it, and interest in SNKP fighters, grow in the US and everywhere else.

My name is Fred Ling. I’m a neuroscientist by day, SNK enthusisast by night. I grew up playing old school fighting games like KOF95/96/97/98/99, Real Bout Fatal Fury, Last Blade. KOFXIII brought me back from hiatus to compete. I hope to support the community as much as I can.

Malik (Front Page, KOFXIII, Tournament Section Forum Mod)

Ben Reed (Forum Mod)

Mr. Minionman (Forum Mod)

Macrobeast (Front Page Editor)

Loona (Front Page Editor)

Rougeyoshi (Dream Cancel Discord Server Mod)

BurlyGirly (Dream Cancel Discord Server Mod)

Past Team Members

Nocturnal (Fatal Fury, Garou)
My name is Jaime Deleon, aka Nocturnal. I’m currently a lead supervisor for a call center in Southern California. I’m also an aspiring artist trying to break into the 2D traditional/flash animation field. I’ve been playing fighters since SF2WW came out back in 1991. I knew about SNK games but never really had a chance to play most of them until later on. Most people know me from being one of the few people that plays Garou MOTW competitively in the US. I’m also currently helping to support as much as I can with the KOFXIII community.

Jinxhand (Training Room, NeoGeo Battle Coliseum, SNK Games, Pro-Gear)
My name is Devin Williams, aka Jinxhand. I’m a native of Maryland, but currently a California resident. Outside from specializing in the IT & communication fields, I also produce music, artwork, and am into a few other things. Not to be one to follow the crowd, I preferred games like Samurai Shodown over Street Fighter 2. Despite this mindset, I still play every fighting game to its full potential and make it my goal to respect all fighting games and communities alike.

Fatacon (KOFXIII)
Pronounced (fay-tuh-con). An avid fan of all things technological, including gaming. Video game experience started in 87′ with an NES. Started KoF in 94′. If there’s a fighting game, I probably enjoy playing it, or at least know quite a bit about it. Loves cooking and long walks at the arcade. Never. Stops. Talking. Always up for new experiences and meeting new people, so say hello!

Sibarraz (KOF 98/UM, KOF 2002/UM)
I’m Sebasti├ín Barraza, from Santiago de Chile. I’m a relatively new KOF player from 2007 when I found a machine with 98 where there was nothing else to play. Since then, I became both a rabid fan of fighting games and from the SNK franchise, specially KOF and Fatal Fury. I’m far from being a good player, but everyday I learn something from friends or pages like this one. Even though SNK is my favorite company, I have no problem playing or discussing other fighters.

Rex Dart (KOFXIII)
I grew up in Los Angeles, California and first got into KOF with KOF 99 Dream Match (actually KOF 98, for those who don’t know) on the Dreamcast. I’d tried playing a couple others, but KOF was the first game to really get me into 2D fighters. Living in Japan for a few years and playing in arcades helped me significantly improve my game, although I’m still only average at best. Currently, I’m living in Seattle. My username comes from MST3K.

David Kong (Front Page)

Chris Santoso (Front Page)

nilcam (Founder)
My name is Neil, aka nilcam. I am a graphic designer and web site manager for a nonprofit organization by day and a video gamer and student by night. I was a Capcom fan for years but have since come to appreciate and prefer the SNK style of fighting game.


  • I already this website very much, I did know it from BasGrosPoing.fr article, this is wonderful work, keep going on or improving it.

    May Oniyaki be with you! (no Shoryuken here I presume :-D)

  • Hi Neil, thanks and all the best for this initiative.

    Same here, heard the news on basgrospoing.fr (yeah, translated that would be “downfiercepunch.fr”… ;-). When trying to find kof material, I always found it a bit depressing that sometimes few ressources could be found on such a rich series, while any Capcom material is widely discussed. With all due kudos and respect for Street Fighter, this situation, in my opinion, does not reflect the deeper and wonderful SNK fighting style. I’ve played and loved both series, starting in the nineties, and got totally hooked up on KoF when I discovered the ’97 iteration, for the gameplay and the characters. SF could never completely satisfy me from that day on.

    Hope this site and kofXIII will help the kof community become more prominent and get the visibility it deserves in those obscure parts of the world it hasn’t enlightened yet. ;)

    And SNKP finally releasing the gem that is KoF2002UM in the EU/US could help too… >_<

  • Hi There,
    Love the website, not much appreciation towards snk as of today worldwide but hopefully that will change with KOF 13 having some sort of console release so it can get more love besides being only on arcades. As i see that you have KOF series and SS and NGBC covered in the website, so my question is will the website expand to more snk games such as Garou and Last blade series? I consider myself a capcom fan , but i still have love for snk game. Growing up I didn’t really enjoy the KOF series up until KOF 13 (which is awesome) because of the speed of the game felt awkward to me and I couldn’t get a flow going with any characters i mained but a few games i did enjoy one being garou which i still play today and greatly enjoy and recently found a love for the last blade series within the past couple of years those game being my favorite snk games along side CVS 2 as my all time favorite games associated to snk (Rock Howard for life !) .

    Thanks for the website and Keep up the good work.

  • Hello. I’m having a hard time activating my account. Can anyone help me? I never got the link in my email.

  • Fantastic website! You are so creative and so talented. I love the graphic design. I also like “The Future is Now”.

  • Just wanted to let you know that I run a fighting game site http://rivalarena.com which focuses on other game communities. I posted and will be posting frequently of what you guys are doing so that people who visit my site will informed. It helps unite the fighting game community.
    Love the site.


  • Hi, The name “Dream Cancel” means anything? Thanks!

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