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Team SoCal Announced For AfterShock

AfterShock, presented by UltraChen TV and Iplaywinner, is a NorCal vs SoCal 5v5 exhibition scheduled to take place next Saturday, September 15th at UC Santa Barbara. In a surprising turn of events, it has been announced that Team SoCal will include a squad of players from UC Irvine. Team SoCal is:

ER | Warahk

DJ Divine

Bland Wolf



Top SoCal players like BALA, Mr. KoF, Reynald and Romance will surprisingly not be on the team. Tune in to Iplaywinner next Saturday to see what happens!

Team NorCal Announced for AfterShock

On September 15th, an epic clash of skill will take place at UC Santa Barbara for KoFXIII. Organized by IPlayWinner and UtraChen TV, AfterShock will pit 5 of NorCal’s best against a talented squad of SoCal players. Team NorCal will be:




El Gallo Negro


Team SoCal has not yet been announced, and remains a mystery. Surprising developments may be in store!

Epic Japanese 3v3 Tournament Starts Tomorrow Night! Dune and Kaoru In Attendence!

Professor from MMCafe recently sent us some great information regarding an awesome Japanese 3v3 tournament, which is being aired on Nico Nico tomorrow night at 11pm Pacific, 2am Eastern time. Many of Japan’s strongest KoFXIII players, including Dune, Kaoru, Ogosho, and Kyabetsu will be competing! Check out Professor’s post on MMCafe for details on creating a free Nico Nico account and watching the stream!

Cafe:Id Mad KoF is Confirmed for Season’s Beatings: Ascension

Ghaleon, the renowned organizer of Season’s Beatings, has just confirmed that EVO2012 KoFXIII champion Mad KoF will be in attendance at Season’s Beatings: Ascension.

Season’s Beatings: Ascension is happening September 28-30 in Cleveland, Ohio. Ghaleon has expressed tons of enthusiasm towards both KoFXIII and the KoF community, and Season’s Beatings: Ascension is shaping up to be an amazing event for the game. If you are anywhere near Cleveland, make sure you don’t miss this epic tournament!

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