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Dream Cancel KOFXIII Online Tournament 4/7/2012

This Saturday at 3pm central standard time, we are hosting our second online tournament for XBL and PSN players. Players will meet in the KOF13 online lobby chat, and it is open to any and all players that are interested. No wireless connections, please!

For more information, and details, please read this thread:

See you there!


Dream Cancel KOFXIII Online Tournament (3-17) Results

Over 20 XBL/PSN players showed up and battled on Saturday for a full 2 hours of online matches. Here are the results:

Divale [6 points]
Constantine88 [5 points]                           
DesmondDelaghetto [4 points]
Angel_Shiranui [4 points]
Tofu3421 [4 points]
Duckator [3 points]
solidshark [1 point]
Nightmoves [0 points]

Rex Dart [10 points]
JennyCage [9 points]
OhSo [8 points]
Chnchilla89 [4 points]
Calibur753 [4 points]
SonicLord [2 points]
Mr. Bakaboy [2 points]
thec0re [0 points]
SummyG [0 points]
Dr. Faust [0 points]
CactusMomma [0 points]
trampbasher [0 points]

Visit the thread HERE for more detailed scores and to give shoutouts, feedback about the tournament and your matches if you participated!

So, you want to learn KoFXIII?

Dream Cancel member David Kong has written the following introduction to our wiki:

So, you want to learn KoFXIII?

Written by David Kong

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step to learning one of the most competitive, dynamic, and well-balanced fighting games in recent history, King of Fighters XIII! Before you throw yourself into the Dreamcancel wiki browsing for detailed information, here are some essential tips to ease your transition into the world of competitive King of Fighters!

  • Before you begin, consider your goals. How competitive do you wish to become?

If you don’t know a thing about KoFXIII right now, ask yourself where you hope to eventually end up in terms of skill. If you plan on being a competitive player, you will need to enter the game with a serious mentality. To help you maintain this attitude, you should set realistic goals to pursue. Before you begin any journey, you will need a destination to go towards!

If you can’t set a realistic goal, perhaps it’s better for you to just stay casual. Otherwise, you will find yourself investing a lot of time and energy inefficiently, which will inevitably lead to disappointment.

  • “What characters should I play? I don’t want to pick garbage characters.”

The coolest thing about KoFXIII is that every character is good! You can play anyone you want! Of course, some characters are better than others, but as far as the competitive community can tell, so far, even the worst characters in the game are totally viable. You will have more fun playing characters you genuinely like, so pick your favorite characters and see if they fit your style!

  • Start in Practice Mode

Many new players simply throw themselves into online/versus mode without first learning about how the game actually works in detail. While this is fine for casual players, you will find that it is completely unproductive for becoming competitive. It will be essential to be in Practice/Training mode for at least a few hours before you begin to really understand how your character works. The very first thing you should do with your character is to learn their max damage, no meter, midscreen combo. Start this combo with a hop in C or D (hard punch or hard kick). Simply doing this will get you used to hopping. After you have mastered this combo, there are many more advanced things to practice. Simply knowing your meterless bread and butter combo for each of your characters will open your eyes to further possibilities.

Make sure to have all of your practice mode data turned on so that you can see exactly how much damage/stun you are doing!

  • Focus on Fundamentals

As many players have said, KoFXIII is an “honest” fighting game. This means that you will not be able to win because of luck or gimmicky tricks (although, there is a time and a place for everything ;) ). To become skilled at KoFXIII, you will need solid spacing, hit confirms, reactions, meter management, and footsies. Focus on developing these skills, and do not try to base your game plan on guessing.

  • Ordering Your Team

Team order in the game revolves around using your meter. If you are picking up the game for the first time, don’t worry about it at all. Learning how your characters use meter will come with time and practice. Your best team order will present itself to you as time goes on.

When learning the game, it’s a good idea to put your weakest character first. You will find that your first character will get the most play time over the long run. This gives you chances to practice with that character more.

  • Let the Game Teach You About Yourself

This might sound a little odd, but always keep in mind that becoming skilled at fighting games is about conquering yourself just as much as it’s about defeating your opponent. As a casual player, this game can be another type of simple entertainment, similar to watching TV. As a competitive player, there is so much more to discover. If you decide to compete, you will inevitably find yourself in challenging situations that inspire panic, fear, arrogance, and frustration. How you deal with and overcome your own emotions in game will define you as a player. In this sense, becoming a great KoFXIII player is a process of constant self improvement. Keep this in perspective as you pursue your competitive goals.
We here at Dreamcancel sincerely hope that this introduction has been helpful, and perhaps has stirred your appetite for competition! If you have more questions as you dive into the game, please visit our Training Dojo and character specific threads in the forums section!

QuickMax: An Interactive KOFXIII Classroom‘s Sparkster will be running a live tutorial stream of KOFXIII tomorrow (3/9/2012) at 4pm CST here:

He will be answering in-depth gameplay questions, so if you are having any trouble with any specifics in the game (match-ups, punishing things, etc), this will be a very important stream to watch! If you have any questions to ask him before the stream, hit up his twitter:!/Sparkster_KOF

Also, watch the archives on past episodes, a lot of is featured in his streams, so there will be always something new to learn from checking them out.


KOFXIII hype at Final Round XV

ShinBlanka, head organizer of the yearly Final Round tournament series, has announced that more than 100 players have registered for the KOFXIII tournament! The tournament will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, on March 2-4, which will be streamed by TeamSp00ky and FunkyP.


Here is a quote directly from ShinBlanka which is featured in his latest thread post:

“This will be the BIGGEST KOF tournament in USA History!  Well until EVO rolls around. hahahahaha!  As of right now We have around 100+ in KOF13 that have registered online up to this date.  This is not the final total nor can we judge how many will walk up and sign up at the door!  IF YOU AIN’T AT FRXV FOR KOF13 then  WHY ARE YOU PLAYING THE GAME?!?!?!?”

For more information on Final Round XV (which starts next Friday) click HERE.

Get hype!!!!!

KOFXIII PSN/XBL Blue & Green Bar Matchmaking Session (2-11-12)

Having trouble finding GOOD blue or green bar connections online?

Well, this session held this upcoming Saturday all day (starting at 12pm CST) will help players test connections within their region or country to find who shares decent, playable connections.

We will meet in the wibiya toolbar chat, and this session is open to all players worldwide to test within their countries.

For more details, check out the thread here:

REMEMBER: NO wireless connections.

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