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KOFXIII hype at Final Round XV

ShinBlanka, head organizer of the yearly Final Round tournament series, has announced that more than 100 players have registered for the KOFXIII tournament! The tournament will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, on March 2-4, which will be streamed by TeamSp00ky and FunkyP.


Here is a quote directly from ShinBlanka which is featured in his latest thread post:

“This will be the BIGGEST KOF tournament in USA History!  Well until EVO rolls around. hahahahaha!  As of right now We have around 100+ in KOF13 that have registered online up to this date.  This is not the final total nor can we judge how many will walk up and sign up at the door!  IF YOU AIN’T AT FRXV FOR KOF13 then  WHY ARE YOU PLAYING THE GAME?!?!?!?”

For more information on Final Round XV (which starts next Friday) click HERE.

Get hype!!!!!

KOFXIII PSN/XBL Blue & Green Bar Matchmaking Session (2-11-12)

Having trouble finding GOOD blue or green bar connections online?

Well, this session held this upcoming Saturday all day (starting at 12pm CST) will help players test connections within their region or country to find who shares decent, playable connections.

We will meet in the wibiya toolbar chat, and this session is open to all players worldwide to test within their countries.

For more details, check out the thread here:

REMEMBER: NO wireless connections.

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