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We love Kof Pt.2 – North Carolina

Following up our coverage of the Colorado scene last time, this week we head over to North Carolina – host of the Fall Classic Tournament that just happened over the weekend.  For those who watched The Fall Classic last week will know that the NC scene is a really strong and dedicated group, with 4 of their players making top 8 at TFC.  North Carolina is home to around 30 players, with a few killers and a lot of up and coming players.  Hit the break to check out the story behind the NC scene.
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KoFXIII Steam Edition officially released today

After a few weeks of beta tests, KoFXIII Steam Edition is officially released today.  If you didn’t preorder, you can get yours on Steam for $29.99.

The Steam release features a much improved netcode compared to the console versions.  It also includes the small balance changes introduced in the Climax edition.  In addition, all the DLC characters are included free of charge.  The development team also added some features exclusive to the steam platform including steam trading cards.


SNK has had their eyes on the PC market for quite some time

With the imminent official release of KoFXIII on Steam tomorrow, SNK Playmore today revealed that their North American and European Business Department has had their eyes on the PC market for quite a while in an interview with Siliconera.  They began their work on the Steam platform earlier this year, starting with putting the right development team and infrastructure together, before working on porting  KoFXIII to Steam.

Additionally, SNK Playmore said that their experience working with Valve on the Steam platform had been an incredible positive one and that they hope to work with them more in the future.

With an incredible library of games, SNK Playmore certainly has a lot of good options for porting their games to PC.  Let us know in the comment section and forums what you would like to see from SNK Playmore in the future!

Check out the source for the full interview for more information including SNK Playmore’s lead programmer Jace Varlet discussion of how they tweaked the netcode for KoFXIII Steam edition.

Source: Siliconera

We Love KoF Pt.1 – Kings of Colorado

We love KoF – KoF communities around the world

There are many KoF communities around the world.  Some of them we have come to know quite well through their players and streams, but there are many other communities out there who love KoF that you might not have heard of.  To celebrate the love of KoF around the world, we are starting a series of articles titled “We Love KoF” to highlight the different KoF communites, including the ones that you might not be familiar with.  We hope that by exposing the stories behind different communities, you will be inspired to keep developing and growing your own local scene.

For the first installment, we head toward the scenic state of Colorado.  Colorado is the home of a big FGC including a group of very dedicated KoF players.  Most of the FGC in Colorado is organized by the Extra Fresh League, which consists of all fighting game players of Colorado.
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Summer Jam 7 photos and hype moments

Pachukof celebrating after defeating ChrisG in a very close set. Photo credits: Jason24cf

Over the past weekend at Summer Jam, KOF has once again found a way to be amongst the hypest finals.  In addition to running the brackets, DES Mono has taken a set of pictures to captures some of the best moments in the KOF tournament.  Separately, Jason24cf has taken a set of amazing pictures throughout the weekend that covers the entire tournament.

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KOFXIII Steam Edition will come with Climax balance changes

Over at the Steam Community forums, SNKP community manager Y2 has posted some information regarding the upcoming release of KOFXIII steam edition.

One of the interesting things he mentioned is that “KOFXIII S.E will be a fusion of KOFXIII CLIMAX and the Xbox360 version of KOFXIII. The gameplay of KOFXIII S.E. is based on KOFXIII CLIMAX. The UI, menus, and configs are based on the Xbox 360 version of KOFXIII”

Previously SNKP introduced a few balanced changes when they ported the console version of KOFXIII back to the arcades for KOFXIII Climax.  For a partial list of changes introduced in climax, check here.

He also mentioned a few things that are being introduced in the steam release and what to expect in the upcoming closed beta test:
– Since there may be lower performing PCs out there, we have introduced a “Static” and “Dynamic” background system available in the Graphics Options menu. If you are receiving low FPS, consider trying out the “Static” background mode.
– There are also 2 Frame Rate modes available: “Fixed” and “Variable”. In the interests of better online experiences, Online play will be fixed to the “Fixed” Frame Rate mode. – The closed beta will only feature Online play. We understand the importance of excellent netcode and so we wish to utilize this beta test as a means of collecting feedback on our new netcode. We will then use this feedback to further improve the netcode where possible.

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