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KOF XIV will release on 8/25 in Japan; Nakoruru, Ramon, and new characters revealed on KOF drink


According to a very short post on Dengeki Online, KOF XIV will release on August 25th in Japan!  This is an exciting news for us, as the release date is only 4 months from now.  There are no words as to when the game will be released internationally, however.  Keep an eye out from Atlus for more information, who is publishing the game in the USA.

Separately, during the offical KOF XIV demo event, some new characters are leaked from the “official KOF drink” handed out to participants.  Nakoruru, Ramon, and two new characters are seen on the drink.

Source:  Dengeki Online;  Twitter  ; Famitsu



KOFXIV demo will be playable next week at PAX East

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Fresh off yesterday’s announcement of Atlus bringing KOF XIV to US, the official PlayStation Blog has revealed that KOF XIV will be playable at PAX East next week.  However, there is no official word as to which build the demo will be based on.  It could be the demo build with 9 characters that Nemo played on the Famitsu stream last week, or it could be the demo build with 24 playable characters that is scheduled to be demoed later this month in Tokyo and KSB, but definitely go check it out if you are in town for PAX East!

Pax East will be held in Boston, MA from April 22-26.

Source:  PlayStation Blog via MMCafe

Atlus will publish KOFXIV in the USA

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Atlus is working together with SNK Playmore again. They have just announced that they will be publishing KOFXIV in the USA. Atlus has also been the USA publisher for KOFXIII, where provided a lot of support and promotion for the game. They included “The King of Soundtracks,” a 4 CD collection of KOF music in the initial release of the game. They also handed out a 5th CD of the soundtrack to players who attended various majors.  Perhaps most memorable, Atlus also gave out a limited Mai T-shirt for anyone who entered KOF at EVO 2012, which attracted over 1,000 entrants.

Check out the official English website hosted by Altus:

According to the Press Release (via Gematsu), KOFXIV will feature a “Revamped Online Experience: The King of Fighters XIV has devoted a lot of development time to improving the game’s netcode for vastly improved online gameplay. The King of Fighters XIV uses the PS4’s online architecture to have a whole host of online conveniences, from spectating to saving replay/battle data, and having a single online The King of Fighters XIV profile to connect with friends.”

Source:  Atlus USA twitter; Gematsu

SNK launches official Twitch channel; Nemo to host KOFXIV stream this Friday


SNK is hosting two KOF XIV streams this month.  The first one is coming up this Friday and will be hosted by Nemo and Famitsu.  The event will start on Friday 9pm (Japan time) and will be streamed on NicoNico:


Toward the end of the month, SNK is holding a KOF XIV event at the e-sports square in Akihabara.  The event will be streamed on the newly launched official SNK twitch channel:


The event will start on 4/25 from 6-9pm (Japan time) and will feature 24 playable characters.  The first 150 and 500 fans who arrive at the event will receive some KOF XIV merchandise.


Lastly, there will also be a KOF XIV pre-launch tournament at KSB in SNK’s hometown Osaka.  KOF XIV will be one of the three games played on 4/30 (Saturday).

We will post the stream links when they are available.



Veteran Capcom Developer Hidetoshi Ishizawa joins SNK Playmore

Veteran Capcom Developer Hidetoshi Ishizawa has revealed on his twitter (with a convenient handle NEO_G) that he has left Capcom and has joined SNK Playmore.

Screenshot 2016-04-01 15.10.13

Ishizawa has been a long time developer at Capcom.  According the the gamestaff wiki, he has been the planner for Street Fighter Alpha series, Street Fighter III series, Vampire Savior, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Capcom vs SNK series, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, and most recently Marvel vs Capcom 3 series.

We are not sure what his role at SNK Playmore would be, but it has been speculated that it is related to the development of KOFXIV.

Source: Twitter via Kof Koucha

Tokido: If only I can continue to play a favorite game, I will surely continue to play KOFXIII

Pro gamer MCZ| Tokido recently spoke with 4 gamer on a variety of topics.  In particular he spoke about his thoughts on KOFXIII:

“If only I can continue to play a favorite game, I think I would surely continue to play KOF XIII even now. But I have the feeling that we have to increase the playerbase, but we were unable to convert them. We have recently seen fewers players for the game.  In such an environment, to continue playing would be purely for fun, but it is unsustainable for a professional gamer. So it becomes just a hobby.”

He also spoke about Chile’s Misterio:

I was shocked by the playstyle of Chile’s giant Misterio. In KOF XIII it is easy to change characters, so everyone gravitates towards the stronger characters like Mr. Karate and flame Iori.  The characters Misterio plays are not as strong, such as King and Yuri.  It is very difficult to pull off the his techniques.  His greatness is easy to see even just by watching.  I was forced to reflect on myself “I think this should have been the correct way.

Source: 4gamer via Kof Koucha

Early Access Pocket Rumble, a NeoGeo Pocket Color inspired fighting game


Pocket Rumble, an indie game heavily inspired by NeoGeo Pocket Color’s classic fighting games, is now out on Steam as an Early Access title.  You can check out the game over at Steam for $9.99.

The game has a host of features:

Simple, 2-button controls and universal, easy special move inputs with no complex joystick motions
Short combos with easy timing and a straightforward cancel system
On-screen frame data bar and visual indicators for properties like invulnerability help players understand fighting game mechanics and how individual moves work
Simple, unambiguous health and damage system: All characters have 12 HP and all hits do 1 damage
Diverse cast of characters each with their own unique meter and mechanics
Quickly swap characters after a lost round to counterpick, just like between matches in a tournament, without slowing down the pace of the match
Near-flawless online multiplayer with GGPO netcode
Full Steam Workshop mod support including the ability to play mods online with friends


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