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Drive Cancel Radio JAPAN podcast #3

BioBooster, solidshark and Saitsuofleaves continue commentary coverage of the KOF XIII Climax Kohaku Battles, covering the third week, seeing how heavy arcade goers take to the Climax release. This week proved to be the most impressive yet, with new players showing more confidence in their play, and some great winstreaks to boot. Fans and/or interested players of Mai will want to take notice here.

DC KOF XIII Online Tournament 5/19 Results

15+ players showed up for the tournamanet on Saturday, with the longest run of a tourney yet (7 hours). Here are the results:

DarKaoZ [18.5]
Jay-1andONLY1 [14 points]
Spliph [4 points]
Crimson_Assassin [1 point]
Hurtfulthings [1 point]
Nekoyaoi [1 point]
PaTrickC [1 point]
fairysun [0 points]
Jetfable [0 points]
solidshark [0 points]

FreeRunner [8.5 points]
Adazuol [8 points]
RexDart7 [6 points]
LazieFreddy [4 points]
thec0re3 [2 points]
Orochi_Xell [0 points]
ShogunofLive [0 points]

Full match information and more can be found here:

1 10 11 12