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The Secret Society’s Battle Royale Matches

ss_bannerThe @SecretS0C1ety has uploaded on and off stream matches from their local high stakes KOFXIII tournament that took place April 19, 2014 at Next Level Arcade in Brooklyn, NY featuring Real Game’s PachuKOF, Dream Cancel’s LazieFreddy, Mario E. and Malik; Murderkae, Shadow780, A3 Religion, and many others. A few highlight matches from the tournament are posted below. Check the playlists and the Results Thread for more details.

Playlist for tournament matches & playlist for exhibitions

Kensou HD Combos and Billy Corner Combos

bubblanAB7 (whom we know from his Benimaru tech and being one of the few players in the world to perform the Benimaru infinite in match) uploaded a video in reply to Persona’s latest Kensou combo video. Aside the fireball starters, the combos are very practical and anyone that takes an interest in this character should attempt to add it to their list of combos.

TheSecretSociety36 has also uploaded a video with Billy combo and a safe jump setup. The starters and the damage that are dealt with the meter spent make these combos more than worth adding to a Billy players’ repertoire so if you have not seen the video yet, take a look.

East Coast Exhibitions

Various players have been participating in exhibitions in the Northeastern Hemisphere of America and Dream Cancel staff have had the opportunity to capture these matches. Up first is Real Game’s PachuKOF (who has been making a storm in the area) pit against @SecretSoc1ety’s Saika.

Next up is a match which had Zeal of the @SecretS0c1ety challenging Team St1ckbug|Zero Division’s very own @A3Religion for a battle of pride and improvement.

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APEX 2014 Match Videos

The Secret Society has uploaded various non-Top 4 matches from APEX 2014 on their YouTube channel compiled in a playlist provided below. There are a variety of skill levels included in the matches. There are also pool matches from Defend The North 2014 included on the channel as well


OMG|Dynicksty Vs. TSB|ZD A3 Religion

Full Results Thread

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