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Northeast Championships 14 Results

Northeast Championships 14 has concluded and the following results are those for Top 8 in Singles and Top 3 for Teams.

1. AGE|TC Romance
2. Commonsense
3. RG|PachuKoF
4. BaM Karn
5. HitBox Trophy Club
5. James Jr.
7. Murder Kae
7. XAN|DJHuoshen

1. AGE CANARAMAX (AGE|TC Romance & BaM Karn)
2. MX|NY (Shadow780 & RG|PachuKOF)
3. SNSD South (Game Wizard & Malik)

Check the thread for more details

Northeast Championships 14

Team KPB’s stream
Watch live video from kpbfgc on

Big E & Staff’s Northeast Championships 14 Tournament starts today at 4PM (Eastern Standard Time)/ 1PM (Pacific Standard time). Pools are being streamed on Team Kick-Punch-Block’s stream. The stream links as well as the schedule are linked here. Teams as of right now are not going to be streamed so footage will be recorded UNLESS details about the streaming change.
NEC14 Schedule

The Fall Classic 2013 One Frame Link Pot Bonus







Sponsors at One Frame Link have provided details about pot bonuses for The Fall Classic coming up September 14-15

The breakdown is as follows:

Game Pot Bonus
Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition Ver. 2012 $3,000
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 $2,000
1st place in fan vote $1,500
2nd place in fan vote $1,000
3rd place in fan vote $500
Total: $8,000

The link to vote for KOF is on this page so make sure everyone votes for it

And here’s the direct tweet

East Coast Throwdown 5 Results




Here are the Results for the King of Fighters XIII tournament that took place this past weekend at ECT V in Morristown, NJ

1. AGE|TC|LDA Romance (King/Benimaru/Saiki/Yuri)
2. RG|PachuKOF (Takuma/King/Kim/Shen)
3. KaneBlueRiverCL (Raiden/Vice/Takuma)
4. MarcoPolo (Benimaru/Yuri/EX-Kyo/Claw Iori/Athena)
5. (DC|SS|NTF|ZD) Malik (Mr. Karate/Shen/Kyo/Billy)
5. GU|Flocker (Mai/Athena/Yuri)
7. Merkilo (Terry/Kyo/Mr. Karate)
7. Zeal (Saiki/Kyo/Elisabeth)

Winners Semis between Romance and Malik went 2-1; KaneBlueRiverCL and Flocker went 2-0

Losers Quarters between  Merkilo and PachuKOF went 2-0; MarcoPolo and Zeal went 2-0; PachuKOF and Flocker went 2-1; MarcoPolo and Malik went 2-0

Winners Finals between KaneBlueRiverCL and Romance went 1-3

Losers Semis between MarcoPolo and PachuKOF went 1-2

Losers Finals between KaneBlueRiverCL and PachuKOF went 1-3

Grand Finals between Romance and PachuKOF went 3-0

WGC (World Game Cup) 2013

wgc2013-600x300This weekend the World Game Cup event is finally going down & today it’s starting off with the World Team Cup 5v5 featuring players from South Korea such as MADKoF, Poongko, French players WDM. Doom and too many others to mention so follow the stream link(s) & join in on the action.

Main Stage stream:

Ring Stage stream:

All times listed here are GMT+1. For PST subtract 9 hours, and for EST subtract 6 hours.
Note: Times listed for streaming are approximate but may extend past what the end time is stated on the schedule


Main stage (French or English)
11 am – 4 pm: The King of Fighters XIII – World Team Cup – 5vs5


Ring stage (French)
4 pm – 6 pm: The King of Fighters XIII – top 4 – 2vs2 6 pm – 8 pm: Soulcalibur V – Top 4 – 2vs2


Main stage (French or English)
3 pm – 5 pm: The King of Fighters XIII – Top 8 – single

Mix Up Night #9

In case anyone missed it, the most recent Mix Up Night hosted at Maid Café CCOcha in Osaka, Japan played not only King of Fighters XIII, but Persona 4 Arena as well so check out the matches on the following link.

NOTE: Actual matches begin at 44:00 and Persona starts a bit before KOF Top 8 so skip to somewhere close to 3:08:00 for it

Tadano Hitoshi
Sange Tenchou
3.2 Nipponbashi Taikai Shousai ha web e

Challonge Bracket

1 2 3 4