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Mai Shiranui’s Natural Mix Up Combo

Dream Cancel forum member and Mai wiki page editor Great_Dark_Hero has created and uploaded a video showing a very cool combo and blockstring that ends in a very tricky overhead mix-up.

“Mai can cancel her cr.A, cr.C, and whiff cancel her cr.D into her ground Musasabi (d charge u+P) If Mai does cr.C, d charge u+P, into Ukihane (air d.B) it will combo naturally and it is true block string that is relatively safe. When this is comboed into Ukihane, it will register as a overhead, thus creating a true overhead mix up combo. “

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Goro Daimon Combo Video

Forum Member Persona has recently uploaded a Daimon combo video displaying EX ground stomp loops and a 100% Hyper Drive combo. Despite the EX ground stomps being tool-assisted, there is still room for creativity in future HD combos and routes for the character so everyone that plays this character or just enjoys challenging themselves should definitely give this a shot.

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