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Guard Cancel: omegaryuji

Guard Cancel is an interview series profiling KOF community members. The goal is to get to know the people behind the tags. Guard Cancel will be published every Monday. If you’d like to be featured, email

1. How long have you played KOF? Which KOF was your first? Which is your favorite?
I’ve been playing KOF since 1996, starting out with KOF96 (what a shock), but I had to step away from fighting games in general for personal reasons for a long time (from around 2003 until last winter), so I missed everything between 2002 and 2002UM. My favorites are 98 (though I don’t play it much anymore), 2002, 2002UM, and XIII, but if I had to pick just one, I’d probably go with XIII. Hoping that the console release can turn that “probably” into “definitely”.

2. Why KOF over all of the other fighters?
KOF games let you have some flexibility between being aggressive or being defensive, whereas something like Guilty Gear Accent Core forces most characters to favor being offensive or something like Capcom vs SNK 2 forces most characters to play a midrange poking game a lot of the time.

Secondly is just how individually unique a lot of the characters are, in terms of gameplay. Even among characters of the same archetype, they each have their own different feel (like Clark, O.Yashiro, Vice, and Shermie are all grapplers in 98/2002, but Clark is a straight rushdown beast, O.Yashiro has some nice pokes and crazy reset mixups off of hcf+P, Vice has tools to be a threat even if she can’t get right in your face, and Shermie is the most stylish despite kind of being left in the dust). Then you have the characters who are more or less unique to KOF, like Angel, Jhun, May Lee, Blue Mary, K’, and so forth. I think that, no matter what fighting game background you come from and no matter what type of playstyle you prefer, you will always be able to find at least one team that feels good to you in most KOF games, which is not something I can say about many other fighting games.

3. Are you a tournament player? If so, list your tournament rankings.
I used to play in some local arcade tournaments in the past, but I have not really been involved in the tournament scene for any game in such a long time that it seems unfair to refer back to that time. Since getting back into fighting games recently, I have only been involved in some local tournaments for Arcana Heart 3, but it has been very fun to get that competitive spirit fired up again. With the release of XIII coming up for consoles, I definitely will be involved in tournament play for that.
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Guard Cancel: MrKOF

Guard Cancel is an interview series profiling KOF community members. The goal is to get to know the people behind the tags. Guard Cancel will be published every Monday. If you’d like to be featured, email

1. How long have you played KOF? Which KOF was your first? Which is your favorite?
I’ve been playing the game ever since 94 came out. KoF 95 was my favorite animation wise. Gameplay wise would be 97-98.

2. Why KOF over all of the other fighters?
It was the only game I liked that didn’t feel slow and offered more options regarding jump ins and making use of general normals. I appreciated the escape options that KOF offers where you’re less likely to get cheesed/chipped. In my KOF terms “calculation” = no escape!

3. Are you a tournament player? If so, list your tournament rankings.
Yeah, I’m a tournament player and I’ve placed pretty well in all KOF tournaments.
Let’s just say it’s hard for me not to make TOP 3 LOL. * * C.M.D. Duc (AsH) has the Tips N Tricks Magazine I was once featured in =P. Playing KOF ten years ago was cutthroat.
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Guard Cancel: Reiki.Kito

Guard Cancel is an interview series profiling KOF community members. The goal is to get to know the people behind the tags. Guard Cancel will be published every Friday. If you’d like to be featured, email

1. How long have you played The King of Fighters? Which KOF was your first? Which is your favorite?
I have played KoF since 1998. I’ve loved the game ever since I went to LA and went to a local arcade and saw KoF 2000, my first one. I played it one time and fell in love with it. My favorite has to be XIII.

2. Why KOF over all of the other fighters?
I like KoF because of the gameplay and the characters. My friends were into Street Fighter and Tekken with juggles, but I liked that KoF did more with special moves and command normals. It feels like every character was unique, more than the other games.

3. Are you a tournament player? If so, list your tournament rankings.
I am a tournament player with KoFXIII being my first competitive fighting game. I actually facilitate the Southtown Ranking Battles in San Francisco. I’m pretty low-rank in 14th place, but I’m working my way up the ladder.

4. Do you have a local scene or do you rely on online play?
I organize players to play at Southtown Arcade via facebook and just good old phone calls. We organize meet ups to play and practice or just see each other at the arcade.

5. Do you prefer pad or stick? Why is that your preference?
I prefer the pad because I grew up with it. I couldn’t really afford an arcade stick when I was little so I depended on the d-pad. I can say it hurts when I try to transition that to stick play, but I’m working on it.

6. What advice do you have for new players?
Don’t be discouraged by what you see and how you do. You really learn a lot from losing and it takes dedication to not only participate, but to run events. Be consistent and you’ll see improvement! I remember I could barely pull off an Ein Trigger + Second Shoot with K’ and now I can do combos! Also, don’t forget where you came from! When you get good, help out those that are trying themselves.

7. How do you choose a character and team? How do you choose the order?
My team is K’, Terry, and Maxima. I choose my characters mostly on their looks rather than their techniques. When I first played KoF, the first characters I saw were Maxima and K’ so I’ve stuck with them. Terry is just Terry, how can you not like someone so awesome? I choose K’ first for his high damaging combos and good pressure, Terry 2nd for his meter combos (he needs drive meter for his extended BnB!), and Maxima last to use all my meter to do Maxima press combos

8. Which type of character do you prefer?
I prefer characters that are straight-forward with decent mix-ups. These characters might have overhead moves, but also different extensions from their normals. It lets you change up their combos and gives you more tools to play with. They need fireballs, but they don’t have to be the basic Ryu and Ken types so they’re not boring or predictable. A good example is Shen or K’. They both have nice extensions or mixups, that give you tools to deal damage or get in. You can be creative with them.

9. From a purely gameplay perspective, who is you favorite character?
In terms of gameplay, I really like Terry ogard. His gameplay is very “in your face” rather than defensive. He’s a versatile character even in XIII and continues to surprise you with new things every day.

10. How often do you practice or train in KOF alone?
I used to practice for as long as I could in training mode. I’d practice links and timing for combos for hours, going over the same combo till I could get it right. I’d go over scenarios to see if I could get the same results. I do feel as though training alone to a point is good, but playing other people, using moving targets, is much better.

11. How do you gain new techniques, strategies, setups and combos? Do you watch match videos?
I try to practice combos in training mode and break them up into sections. I spend a great deal of training mode time just trying to get the timing down on combos. I do watch match videos, and find them very informative. Most of the time, I like to bump my head in the dark to learn what I can and can’t do in situations. I’ll spend a lot of time fighting stronger opponents to learn defensive and offensive strategies. If it works on the best, it’ll work on the rest.

12. Have you played KOFXIII yet? Did you like? Will you buy it?
I have played it and I love the game. I like all the features for being so simple, but open-ended. I intend to pick it up as much as I can.

13. Will you continue to play older KOF games while playing KOFXIII?
I would like to continue playing KoF XI and collect the older games. I would really like to play Garou: Mark of the Wolves! I only got to play it once so it’d be great to play it again.

Drive Cancel Radio episode 5 records Sunday

Drive Cancel Radio logoDesmond and I will be joined by Kane317, THE ANSWER and Giby this Sunday at 1pm Central to record the next episode of Drive Cancel Radio. We’re going to discuss EVO and all of the news that came out of it, get opinions on the console port and ask Kane317 about his trip to Southtown Arcade for the recent Ranbat.

On top of that, Desmond had the idea to take community questions through the toolbar chat. Be in the chat and post a question and we’ll get answers.

Changes and the future

We’re in the process of making changes as we prepare for the release of The King of Fighters XIII for console. After the announcement, we’ve seen an increase in the number of user registrations and spam accounts. The entire team is working hard to squash the spammers and improve the community.

A few of the recent changes have been apparent such as the toolbar at the bottom of the site. The main feature of the toolbar is the chat room. We will use it for all online events and for general real-time discussion. I’ve also revamped the Online Player Listing into a Netplay page. This page provides information on how to play classic games online.

The most recent change is regarding the staff. Kane317 is now a Global Moderator. He will now be a moderator for the entirety of the forum. His new duties will include maintaining a gameplay focus in the forum and working with me to improve the site and community as a whole.

Desmond Delaghetto will now be part of the KOFXIII moderator team. With the upcoming release of XIII, it’s extremely important that the XIII section be kept on track and clean, and Desmond will be a great addition to this team.

Site direction
Now, let’s talk about the future of Dream Cancel and the greater KOF community. I feel that it’s very important that we, as a community, unite behind XIII. The KOF community has been spread out over different titles for years. The real strength of the Street Fighter community is that they rally behind the latest game and that creates a unified front. KOFXIII is our opportunity to do that. It’s a great game, has a lot of hype and deserves to be the poster game for the community. More than that, the KOF community needs it.

In order for Dream Cancel to do its part, the homepage has shifted to primarily XIII coverage. Expect that to continue and maybe even expand. There are a lot of plans for online events in XIII once it drops. I am also considering rearranging the forum to reflect this new focus.

Finally, I’d like to thank the Dream Cancel community. When I reflect upon the first year, things have been pretty great. The community here is respectful and excited to share information. I think that says a lot for all of you. Thanks.

Leave comments and suggestions below.

Exclusive interview with Atlus and SNKPlaymore

1. Netcode, netcode, netcode. Will the game feature lobbies, clans, ranked matches, etc.
SNK/PLAYMORE: “Quality online play” is our development team’s top priority, so I’m confident that we’ll meet your expectations. As for the details of the Network mode, we do have ranked matches. It will have no clan support, however; we believe that for this game it’s best for each player to go head to head with others. Whether it is a ranked match or a casual player match, this game’s online play will be a truly enjoyable experience.

2. Will the game be rebalanced?
SNK/P: Because of the new additional characters, we’re treating the console version of KOF XIII separately from the arcade version, and as such, we have rebalanced the game. While we kept the appealing qualities of each character intact, we made adjustments to them so the game is better balanced, and players will have a wider choice of characters for their teams.

3. Will there be a tutorial mode? Challenge mode?
SNK/P: There is a Tutorial mode to teach the novice players the basics of the game, and a Trial mode that challenges the players to perform crazy combos. Even if you can’t pull them off, you can watch a demonstration of each combo for your enjoyment or research. There are other modes as well, such as Time Attack and Survival, allowing the players to enjoy the game for a long time in a variety of ways.

4. What sort of training mode options will be in the game (programmable dummies, block after first hit option, etc.)?
SNK/P: Options that are common in other fighting games will be available in our Tutorial mode. You can do many things, from recreating various situations to practicing combos using the 1-hit block option. A mock battle with an AI opponent is quite useful, too.

5. New characters/stages/content?
SNK/P: So far we’ve announced two new characters (Billy Kane and Saiki before transformation). There will be more characters, so please look forward to them. We’ve added many stages to the console version. There are many other features in the game. The Story mode immerses the players deeply in the world of KOF XIII, while the Gallery mode offers many new pieces of art made for the console version. The Customize mode lets you change the color scheme of your favorite characters to your liking.

6. Will there be a special edition? Pre-order bonuses?
ATLUS: In what is the biggest pre-order bonus we’ve ever offered in our 20+ year history, folks who reserve their copies at participating retailers (while supplies last) will receive a 4-CD soundtrack compilation featuring music spanning the 15+ year history of KOF. It’s the ultimate collectible for series fans, and truly a tremendous value.

7. Will there be English voices? Can languages be changed per character, like in SFIV?
SNK/P: I regret to say that it will be Japanese voice only. We believe that will provide the players with the best KOF XIII experience.

8. Can games be recorded for replay?
SNK/P: There is, in fact, a Replay mode. You can play frame-by-frame, pause in the middle, skip the entire round, etc. It’s a perfect tool to analyze matches.

9. How will button configuration work?
SNK/P: We’ve covered all the basics regarding button config; you can assign button functions that match your particular setup.

10. Are there plans for a strategy guide?
ATLUS: There are no plans for a strategy guide for KOF XIII.

11. Are there plans for a KOF arcade stick?
ATLUS: There are currently no plans for a KOF arcade stick, although it is something we have explored and will continue to do so.

12. What are your plans for publicity/advertising? Are you interested in sponsoring tournaments?
ATLUS: Our goal is to reach every last KOF fan, to directly connect with them in the KOF communities they’re active in. We want to be active in as many major events as we can, hence our presence at the EVO 2K and Otakon shows in July, in which we’ll offer fans an opportunity to go hands-on with an early version of the console release months before it’s out in stores.

KOF XIII is a return to form for the franchise. We need to do our best to convey this to the fans, particularly the ones who weren’t thrilled with the previous entry in the series, and that’s really at the heart of everything we’ve done and will do.

13. Will there be a closed beta?
ATLUS: There are no plans for that at this time.

Dream Cancel: Special thanks to Aram Jabbari for making this interview happen!

Kane317’s notes on the EVO build of KOFXIII

-Neomax in HD costs 2 stocks but 3 stocks outside of HD.
-Liz’s midscreen, 1 stock no drive 511 damage combo now deals 391
-Shen’s gotten a slight damage decrease, I couldn’t quite figure out where but Kunio’s 799 (1 stock HD combo) now does 777
-Duo Lon’s Ex f.AC now has more hit stun (or better recovery for DL) so that he can do s.C or s.D (before it was a near 1 frame that allowed only for d.A, and if you’re close enough you can link that to s.C).
-Duo Lon’s NM has finally been normalized and now does 448 instead of his silly 400 he used to do. (Most characters are 450-500 in the arcade version).
-Maxima’s air vapor cannon now holds him in place for both version and then after he’s done he either goes forward or drops down (I forget), but not backwards.
-Maxima’s damage has been decreased slightly.
-Goro’s dp+K, [DC] hcf P seems to only work in the corner now (WHY?). His NM has been buffed to 571, yup!
-Kyo’s hcb+K is no longer safe, is also does not build much drive or meter if it connects. It seems only useful for combos from now on.
-Kyo has his air Ex Orochinagi
-All characters that we tested all had aerial Ex DMs like Mai.
-Kyo can do d.B, d.A, df.D [1hit], qcf+K midscreen now.
-Overall, hit hitboxes have been adjusted and it’s harder to cross characters up now. It was noticable as we couldn’t get K”s j.B or j.D to crossup.
-K”s hop no longer goes over a standing opponent.
-K”s second shell (qcf+P.f+B) now juggles opponent higher and when preceded by an Ex qcf+P, allows the second shell to hit twice, and hence combo into his qcf x2+P DM like in the RS trailer.
-Shen’s fully charged qcf+P now only removes 50% of the guard gauge.
-Mai has been buffed overall. Her air.d+B has faster recovery making it kinda safe, her air.qcb+P is also safer.
-Mai’s air DM now falls “natually” as she travels across the screen a la ’95 Mai’s hidden air DM.
-Mai’s air Ex DM also MaxCancels into NM.
-Mai’s Ex Ryuenbu has startup invincibility.
-Mai’s A Ryuenbu has a larger vertical hitbox acting like an anti air (assumingly it’s like her beta version).
-Terry has a d.A, d.C link which helps his hit confirmation a lot. Gave us an instant Fatal Fury “feel” to it.
-Takuma’s stun combo juggles are much harder to perform and the timing is real tight.
-Joe’s NM comes out FAST. Can pretty much punish air attacks on reaction.
-Joe’s NM when MC’d, will wait for the opponent to drop from the Screw Upper, automatically releasing it for you. It’s a damaging MC.
-Joe’s Ex DM travels across the screen now.
-Joe’s D Tiger Knee now has startup invincibility somewhat similar to XII but not as extreme. B version is faster but has no invincibility.
-Liz’s Ex DM now does no pushback on blocked opponents
-Liz’s Ex counter only allows followups with specials, not normals.
-Liz still can do the reset DM midscreen still (personally tested).
-Beni’s Ex Raijinken now holds the opponent in position allowing you to follow up. I believe CMD.Duc did (corner), Ex Raijinken (qcf+AC), A Raijinken, dp+K. Overall CDM.Duc says he’s been buffed.
-Ash’s Ex qcb+P now juggles even grounded opponents.
-Ryo’s dp+A seems faster, his parries are faster, and his Ex hcb+K seems faster.
-Andy’s d.D is slower now and no longer as abusable, it still can hit anti-air but seems to trade more now.
-Andy’s Zaneiken is safe on block now, but he’s also pushed back really far himself.
-Andy’s Ex hcf+K, d.D is harder to connect now mid screen.
-Raiden’s dropkicks have finally has its charge time increased. Despite initials reports, 1.1 did not change his charge time from 1.0. Personally, I must have charged ove 20+ seconds and I could not get level 3 to come out. If you land the DK midscreen, the opponent will fly away really far not allowing a follow up. His double DK shenanigans still work in the corner.
-King and Hwa Jai’s slide both cancel now by themselves.
-King’s NM has been fixed, it now goes further and when MC’d does full damage.
-Mature’s qcb+K has better recovery
-Ralf’s Vulcan Punch now knocks the opponent away after two hits.
-Clark, sadly, seems unchanged.
-Leona’s HD combos have been nerfed slightly.
-Kula’s corner juggles seem harder to connect..
-Saiki is very strong from what I saw from No.17 and Oscar messing around with him. He feels very mid-boss in terms of damage but I may change my mind later, naturally, Oscar has decided to pick him up and drop Liz =)

Once again, I apologize if I misreport something or I have left something out. There were simply far too many changes to record them all let alone let my overstimulated mind process.

The wait was all worth it guys, my hats off to SNKP. The game feels like a HUGE improvement over a near perfect XIII 1.1. Speaking of labels, I dubbed the console version XIII.5 and Aram from Atlus seems to agree with me.

I want to thank Aram, Mike, and Yu(?) for putting on such a fine setup for us hungry fans; you guys are so awesome I can’t really say it in enough.

Day 1 reports end but stay tuned as there are more announcements coming throughout this weekend. I need some sleep now.

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