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A few words on ReveLAtions 2011 from THE ANSWER

Dear all KOF fans,
This weekend we had one of the greatest KOF tourneys we’ve ever seen in a Major multigame tournament and I am very pleased with the results. We had a great turnout and we received great reviews from the fighting game community in general. I want to thank Alex Valle for allowing us to be part of ReveLAtions and Tournament Legacy as well as LevelUp for a magnificent stream. We were delayed for a few hours but on tournament this big nothing ever goes according to schedule (lol). I know for a fact that even the Tournament Legacy staff was not expecting such a big turnout.

I also want to thank our staff here at Dream Cancel. Kane317: thank you for all your work managing the brackets and awesome job on the commentary. DarkGeese: we really appreciate your support and coming all the way from Texas to be part of this, which is some serious dedication. Giby: thank you for being our special guest staff and helping with the brackets. Nilcam: thank you very much for all your support and for providing prizes for all top placers. I am very happy with the staff we have here at Dream Cancel and I am proud of being part of it. Congratulations to our top placers. You guys put on a great show and those of you guys who didn’t place, thank you for participating and supporting the community.

Revelations is over but the hype and excitement doesn’t end there, EVOLUTION 2011 in around the corner and I’m looking forward to making it our biggest event yet!!!


King of Fighters XIII livestream and Q&A session

THE ANSWER is testing the streaming equipment to be used for ReveLAtions next week and, as a special treat for the community, will be streaming some KOF XIII casuals as well as ANSWERing questions. The stream is starting at noon PST. Tune in to his channel at I’ll embed the stream here on the homepage when it’s up but if you have questions, going directly to Justin TV will be the best was to ask them.

Watch live video from theanswerkof on

ReveLAtions 2011 update

ReveLAtions 2011 is next weekend. King of Fighters XIII will be there as a side tournament thanks to the efforts of THE ANSWER. Dream Cancel is one of the sponsors of the KOF XIII tournament. We are providing extra prizes to several of the top placers in the tournament. If you live in the area, you have no excuse to miss this.

It’s very important for us as a community to support this event as much as we can. If you’re able, attend and play. If you cannot attend, tune in to the stream. If we show our passion for this game, the fighting game community at large will notice. The more hype we provide, the more we’ll be noticed.

For those attending:
Fees: In order to participate, you’ll only have to pay a $5 venue fee and a $10 tournament fee. If you already signed up for another of the main events you will only have to pay the $10 for the tournament fee.

For those of us not in the vicinity, here are the details on the stream:
Date: June 11
Time: 4:00 PM PST

Dream Cancel t-shirt shop live

Photo of the prototype vintage t-shirt.

After discussing it with the community via the forum, the Dream Cancel t-shirt shop is live! We’re launching with 5 designs and 2 different methods of printing.

The vintage shirts use digital printing which creates a washed out, vintage look. The colors will fade over time and the manufacturer says the shirts will last about 2 years if washed in cold water and air dried. The modern shirts use flex printing which is a bit more expensive but creates vibrant, durable colors. The printing on these shirts should last much longer than the vintage shirts. The downside to flex printing is that a maximum of 3 colors can be used and the shirts are more expensive.

All shirts are hand made upon order and are available in S – XXXL. Unfortunately, the XXXLs are about $7 more due to the cost of the base shirt. International shipping is available.

The store is located at If you pick up a shirt, be sure to send in a photo of yourself wearing it.

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