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Total Eclipse SNK video

King of Fighters ’98 Top 8 matches
02:12 niikura (Clark/Iori/Daimon) vs りしゃ (Kyo/Daimon/Orochi Yashiro)
07:42 キャップ (Iori/Daimon/Orochi Yashiro) vs ハヤト (Yashiro/Robert/Leona)
12:25 スエ (Kyo/Iori/Orochi Yashiro) vs づね (Alt Ryo/King/Benimaru)
17:46 777 (Kim/Daimon/Orochi Chris) vs OZ (Chizuru/Mai/Iori)
22:31 Semifinal: キャップ (Iori/Daimon/Orochi Yashiro) vs niikura (Clark/Iori/Daimon)
27:18 Semifinal: 777 (Kim/Daimon/Orochi Chris) vs づね (Alt Ryo/King/Benimaru)
31:04 3rd Place: niikura (Clark/Iori/Daimon) vs 777 (Kim/Daimon/Orochi Chris)
35:16 Final: キャップ (Iori/Daimon/Orochi Yashiro) vs づね (Alt Ryo/King/Benimaru)

Last Blade 2 Top 8 Matches
53:20 恭也 (S.Hibiki) vs 白うさぎ (P.Mukuro)
59:55 777 (P.Setsuna) vs 大樹 (P.Kaede)
1:03:54 RYO (P.Mukuro) vs 兵藤 和尊 (P.Mukuro)
1:10:02 たくみん! (P.Setsuna) vs R-MOON (S.Kojiroh)
1:16:09 Semifinal: 恭也 (S.Hibiki) vs 大樹 (P.Kaede)
1:23:17 Semifinal: RYO (P.Mukuro) vs R-MOON (S.Kojiroh)
1:30:26 3rd Place: 恭也 (S.Hibiki) vs R-MOON (S.Kojiroh)
1:37:34 Final: 大樹 (P.Kaede) vs RYO (P.Mukuro)

Garou: Mark of the Wolves Top 8 matches
1:59:58 ごんちゃん (Hotaru) vs なおやん (Dong Hwan)
2:03:30 わた (Jenet) vs アツ (Dong Hwan)
2:07:35 雨森 (Terry) vs コンタ (Hotaru)
2:07:35 たむら (Marco) vs あっきー (Jenet)
2:15:22 Semifinal: ごんちゃん (Hotaru) vs わた (Jenet)
2:19:51 Semifinal: 雨森 (Terry) vs あっきー (Jenet)
2:23:46 3rd Place: わた (Jenet) vs 雨森 (Terry)
2:29:04 Final: ごんちゃん (Hotaru) vs あっきー (Jenet)

The matches are also available on the official Ustream page.

Source: Soh85’s YouTube Channel

Total Eclipse livestream

Total Eclipse, the biggest classic SNK tournament in Japan will be livestreamed tonight. Last Blade 2 , KOF 98 and Garou will be featured.

Here is the schedule for the tournament:
April 29 8:00p – Last Blade 2
April 29 10:00p – King of Fighters 98
April 30 12:00a – Garou MOTW
April 30 2:00a – Finals

Times posted are Pacfic.

The stream is available at

Siliconera interview with Shinya Morishita

Siliconera conducted an interview with Shinya Morishita from SNK Playmore USA. They asked about the NeoGeo Station releases, the possibility of obscure NeoGeo titles being released as well as the UM titles hitting the PSN. SNKP has a NeoGeo Station Facebook page which will be used to gauge interest in upcoming titles.

Siliconera also asked about the recent reports regarding changes in the company but Morishita declined to comment.

Check out the interview at Siliconera.

Dream Cancel: The Future is Now

We’re making some changes here at Dream Cancel. We’re evaluating some of our current features and constantly working on new ideas.

As part of this evolution, expect to see more online gaming events. We’re working to make sure that all online networks will be included in our events, including XBLive, PSN, GGPO, Supercade and ArcLive. We’re also trying to cover as many possible SNK game series as possible. Our first two events will cover KOF 2002 on GGPO and NeoGeo Battle Coliseum on XBLive. We’re going to host some open XBLive parties as well. In time, we hope to cover KOF 98 and 2002; Last Blade 2; Real Bout 2; SamSho II and IV; and any other games the community is interested in.

We have more ideas in the works. As they say, The Future is Now!

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