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Dream Cancel Live! Episode 35: Quick Basic KOF98UM Introduction – Prep For Final Edition

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In preparation for King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match Final Edition; this episode provides a very quick basic introduction into the gameplay system and mechanics that are featured in KOF98UM. The ps2 version will be used as a visual aid, and a few characters will be demonstrated – their Final Edition changes will be mentioned. If you have any questions please use the chatwing chat box!

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KOF 98 UM FE netcode will be based on input delay, equal to 1/2 of ping


We just got some more information in regards to the netcode of the upcoming Steam release of KOF 98 UM Final Edition.  According to the Code Mystic, the netcode will not be a rollback style netcode, but rather an input-delay type, with delays equal to 1/2 of ping.  Ping numbers will be displayed before matches.  The reasons for this decision was due to the fact that the XBLA/NESICA source code was not built for rollback.

KOF 98 UM Final Edition releases on December 12

headerWe’ve all been waiting for this anxiously.  KOF 98 Ulimate Match Final Edition will be released on December 12 on Steam.

You can preorder now on steam and save 20%, that will run you at $11.99.

There are no new information in regards to the netcode, however.  The game is being ported by Code Mystics, which have previously handled games like Killer Instinct 1/2 Classic on Xbox One, and Nidhogg on PSN.

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TGA Winter Championship results, match videos

The TGA Winter Championship took place last night in Shanghai was one of the biggest KOF tournament this year, the tournament featured a large prize pot with over $16,000 USD.

After a series of qualifiers, 8 finalists were selected to play in the finals which took place yesterday.  The results are as follow:

1. XiaoHai
2. LaoHe (老黑)
3. UP
4. ET

With his victory yesterday, XiaoHai further cements his legacy as the most dominant KOF player on the planet.  He has won the three biggest KOF tournaments this year across three different KOF titles:

June: TGA Summer Championship (KOF 2002UM)
July: EVO 2014 (KOF XIII)
November: TGA Winter Championship (KOF 98UM)

Check out the replays below: Read more

KOF 98UM and 02UM Steam Edition delayed


The steam ports of KOF 98UM and KOF 2002UM were originally planned to be released in November and December respectively.  However, the two titles seems to be possibly delayed according to SNK’s latest website update.

The two titles are now scheduled to be released “this winter.”

We will keep you updated when we find out about more information.

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Duelling the KOF Results, Live Streams, Brackets, and Schedules


(This post has been updated with results)

Duelling the KOF is taking place at the a-cho arcade during this three-day weekend in Kyoto, Japan.  In addition to the usual Japanese players, many international players are attending:  Korea’s MadKOF, Verna, Gutts, Kensouzzang; France’s, Fox, Salim, Tom Sawyer will be attending. ET from Taiwan will be arriving for casuals on the last day.

The main lineup of the event will include KOF 2002UM, KOF98, and KOF XIII Climax Edition.  All tournaments will be in single elimination team format.  In addition, there will be a 20 vs 20 exhibition between the Kanto and Kansai players, and a Japan vs International exhibition.

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KOF98UM Final Edition FT10: ET vs XiaoHai

Gato Ray recently uploaded a recorded match of a first to 10 match set between ET (who placed 2nd at the CafeID Global Tournament in KOFXIII) versus the KOFXIII EVO 2014 champion, and mostly known for his KOF98 play, XiaoHai playing KOF98 Ultimate Match Final Edition! This match was most likely recorded via QQGame client and was originally uploaded on NicoVideo, then mirrored on Youtube. This is an excellent start for those who are interested in trying out KOF98UM Final Edition which should be released on Steam next month!

Part 2:

Hit the jump to watch the rest of the first to 10!

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