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King of Fighters XV Releases February 17th 2022

Today SNK dropped a massive trailer showcasing many of the games modes, features and quick glimpses at new characters for King of Fighters XV!

There are some slight changes to Max Mode, a new Shutter Strike system that grants you a bar of meter when hit, and many new modes as well!

It seems that there is more info possibly August 27th!

SNK Announces Multiple Platform Launch For King of Fighters XV

SNK recently published a tweet that announced a simultaneous multi-platform release for King of Fighters XV, slated to release the first quarter of 2022!

This is a definite change from the King of Fighters XIV release that did not have a multi-platform launched when the game was launched back in 2016. Do you think the game will feature crossplay between these platforms? Share what you think the comment section below.

The King of Fighters XV Wiki Page Created

Following the excitement of the King of Fighters XV first trailer ( released by SNK recently, we have created a wiki landing page for the game!

More information will be added when more news is shared from SNK! If you would like to help us, be sure to create an editing account. We plan to have our wiki become the most helpful written gameplay resource for KOFXV!