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KOF 96 out on Neo Geo Station

As we patiently, or impatiently, await The King of Fighters XIII release on consoles, SNKPlaymore has released The King of Fighters 96 on the Neo Geo Station. It’s another activity to occupy your time and it sure as hell beats staring at the countdown timer. Remember: A watched pot never boils. Get online and play some games! Show off all of the techniques you’ve learned from PhoeniX’s articles! Show off your fighting spirit!

Upcoming online events

August is going to be a big month for online classic SNK games. First up, Desmond Delaghetto is filling up the weekend of August 13th with his King of Fighters first-to-10 series. On Saturday, The King of Fighters 98 will be the focus. On Sunday, it will be 2002. Check out all of the details in the forum thread:

The next weekend, steamwolf is running a Fatal Fury weekend. Saturday will feature Real Bout 2 and Sunday is all about Garou: Mark of the Wolves. RB2 is an amazing game and Garou is a classic that every fighting game fan knows and, most likely, loves. The information on the Fatal Fury weekend can be found here:

KOF 98 first-to-10 session 2

Saturday, June 11th is King of Fighters day! Desmond is hosting a KOF 98 first-to-10 on GGPO which will lead into the ReveLAtions live stream.

What: KOF98, First to 10 games series, session 2
When: North America: Saturday, June 11th 2011 at 1pm PST/3pm CST/4pm EST. At 4pm PST time, the KOFXIII tournament stream at ReveLAtions will be starting, so we can play until it starts.
Where: On GGPO, King of Fighters 98 Room 3
Who: Any GGPO players within North America or Europe are welcomed
How: All players signed up will play each other first to ten games, matches will be recorded, and scores will be taken

Reminder: King of Fighters 98 First-to-10

Desmond Delaghetto is planning another in his first-to-10 series. The game in the spotlight this time is King of Fighters 98, the first classic KOF in the series. Games will be played via GGPO in room 3 on May 28th at 3pm Central. Registered players will face off in first-to-10 series. Matches will be recorded and posted on the Dream Cancel YouTube page.

This session is open to all who are interested in North America. An international session will be run by Custle at 6pm UTC+2. Sign up in the Dream Cancel chat 30 minutes before the start. Up-to-date information is available here.

Real Bout 2: First-to-10 impending

It’s that time again, people! Steamwolf is hosting Real Bout 2: The Newcomers this Saturday, April 23rd at 6pm Eastern. Games will be played via GGPO, Supercade and ArcLive. Several notable players are planning to play, including Ghostpilot, TomCaddie, Deadlyrave-Neo, God 2.0 and Yor. These games are open to anyone, not just Dream Cancel members.

More information is available in the thread.

KOF 2002 GGPO first-to-10 Session #2

We’re just a few days away from the next KOF 2002 first-to-10 session.

What: KOF2002, First to 10 games series, session 2
When: Sunday, April 10th, 2011 at 6pm Central Standard Time
Where: On GGPO
Who: Dream Cancel members only
How: All players signed up will play each other first to ten games, matches will be recorded

Head over to the thread to sign up, size up the competition and get all of the information!

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