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Team SLR vs Ensenada Casuals

This past saturday Ensenada visited Team SLR for some casual matches, below are the highlights.

A quick note: There is a long standing rivalry between them since they are from neighboring towns, you can check previous SLR vs Ensenada matches in their Youtube Channel

First up we have AelNoS against Villegas in a First to 10 Set, there’s some sloppy play but AelNoS went to prove that he has been training and has invited the team to do the same.

Next is AelNoS vs Isostrife in a FT10

And finally we have a 3v3 First to 7 set, each one is using their own character, the roster is as follows:
Ensenada: AelNoS (Kyo, Kim, others), QDN (Mr. Karate, Clark), Fernando (Duo Lon, Ralf, Others)
SLR: Rozen (EX Iori), Villegas (Kim), Isostrife (Yuri)

Source: Team SLR

The KOF Challenge II Featuring ET, ZeroBlack, Dante, Rolando, Misterio & more


THE KOF CHALLENGE II is here, this time around we have many international high level players, among them E.T. from Taiwan, Zero Black and Misterio from Chile, Rolando from Colombia, Dante from Perú and many more may still confirm.

This tournament was created so that both Mexican and International players have the chance to compete amongst each other before Evo. It is a huge opportunity since many of the high level Mexican players cannot travel to Evo, this makes THE KOF CHALLENGE II a great spot for local and international communities to meet, share techniques, learn, train, compete and enjoy a good time with each other.

The event will take place on Saturday July 5th (weekend before Evo) in Downtown Tijuana (about 10 minutes from the Tijuana-San Ysidro international border)

If you are near the SoCal area you guys should really try to stop by.

Entry Fee $50 Pesos (4 dlls) Tournament Cost: $ 100 pesos (8dlls). Registration from 2 to 5pm and the  Tournament starts at 6pm. If you want to enter as a spectator the fee is $25 pesos 2(dlls)

Prizes: Money collected from Tournament cost will be divided 50, 30 and 20% + Madcatz stuff 

The event will be streamed in TeamLago’s Twtich Channel:

Here is last years grand final set:

The list of confirmed and possible players is:

El Rosa, Pekas, Koopa, Khanibalito, Huevo, Juan – Mexico
Misterio, Zero Black – Chile
Dante – Peru
Rolando – Colombia
E.T. – Taiwan
The Answer – Bakersfield
Luis Cha, Real Kim – Los Angeles

There are many more players that will be added as they confirm, there will also be many local players.

Many thanks to MCZ LDA Romance from Team Chaos, TeamLago, The Answer, all international players who will make it, and Mad Catz for sponsoring and making this tournament possible.

Source: TeamLago

Send GuttsCL To EVO 2014!


GuttsCL who is known for his extremely helpful tech videos and tutorials has started a donation fund to help him attend Evo 2014!

He will be doing a ALL-DAY stream today (starting at 10am Central/11am Eastern) via Misterito’s twitch channel at:

Watch live video from Misterito on

For more information & to donate go here:,

The Secret Society’s Battle Royale Matches

ss_bannerThe @SecretS0C1ety has uploaded on and off stream matches from their local high stakes KOFXIII tournament that took place April 19, 2014 at Next Level Arcade in Brooklyn, NY featuring Real Game’s PachuKOF, Dream Cancel’s LazieFreddy, Mario E. and Malik; Murderkae, Shadow780, A3 Religion, and many others. A few highlight matches from the tournament are posted below. Check the playlists and the Results Thread for more details.

Playlist for tournament matches & playlist for exhibitions

1 2 3 4 5 19