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Title: Damage Scaling Tests.
Post by: Remzi on July 04, 2011, 11:27:18 PM
Really curious on how it works in this game, could anybody possibly assist me in testing this?

Oh, and I'm really bad at math. You'll have to do it all. I'll just grab numbers and whatnot, you do the calculations.

Anyways, I've used S.Akari for the following numbers. I'd like to later test if S / P affect the way damage is scaled and whatnot.

Basic damage is unscaled, unlimited damage. At least that's what I've gathered.
Correct damage is the scaled, limited damage. It seems that it's limited to 180 damage per combo.

4A 5AA
Hits : 3
Basic : 24
Correct : 22
4A / 5A moves do 8 damage each.

5B 6B
Hits : 2
Basic : 39
Correct : 36
5B does 16 damage, 6B does 23.

63214A (Regular)
Hits : 7
Basic : 34
Correct : 25

63214A (Cornered, Close)
Hits : 4
Basic : 25
Correct : 21
It's seriously glitchy in corner, it'll push you out to the side and get less hits and less damage. At least this will give a good concept of possible damage scaling.

4A 5AAB 6C
Hits : 5
Basic : 54
Correct : 47
This is often used for loops and her high-execution BnB. 4A / 5A attacks does 8, 5B does 16, 6C does 14.

Should be enough data to work with for now.