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Title: Clark Matchups (good and bad)
Post by: LouisCipher on June 21, 2012, 02:00:59 AM
For the most part I think Clark has a 5-5 matchup against most of the cast. I would say 6-4 on Maxima and maybe Athena because a lot of what those two characters are good at (fireball zoning and autoguard) are taken away from them when they fight Clark. His EX Gatlin goes right through it, which encourages them to play runaway a lot more from what I've noticed. But a grappler scaring someone all the way to the end of the screen is a good thing. But I want to focus on some matchups and what specifically (IMHO) is the problem that's hurting Clark. Feel free to contribute, I'm not a Clark god, this is just my opinion:

Billy: T.A. It can't really be roll-cancelled because he's still safe. I say against Billy you have to rely on some of Clark's best pokes. Namely s.D, s.C, cr.C (AA's his jumping C poke). That and just good old fashioned footsies. To beat Billy's cr.C you could use Hop A and that it will either beat or trade. So far as I know nothing beats Billy's EX Upkicks.

Beni: Almost every Beni I've played is very content to runaway the entire time and try to bait you. You can't really use your EX Gatling to go through his fireball because Beni is not going to use the fireball like that. Add to it that Beni has that s.D and his AA SRK always at his disposal. I've yet to figure out how to fight him.

Mr Karate: Karate's rushdown is so good and it's difficult to find that moment to get in and mount your offense.  I feel like just s.A or maybe Vulcan would be a good thing to AA him because Karate players love abusing his J.CD and J.D. This is another match I need to figure out.
Title: Re: Clark Matchups (good and bad)
Post by: JAVH on June 21, 2012, 02:50:02 AM
My experience with them in online is this:

Clark now has a powerful tool, his step, with this you can surprise your oponent with footsies or grabs.

Versus a turtler Billy (or any turtler player), Clark is very good doing   ;fd + ;b ;d and  ;bk ;db ;dn ;df ;fd +  ;d like in KOF95, only calculate the distance and not be so obvious, also in the best online conditions is hard to react to this.

Benimaru has not a good defense like in 2002, I go near with steps and go short jumping + ;c, if you can, do a link with  crouch ;b , ;bk ;fd +  ;a, etc... etc...  :))

Takuma/Mr karate are a little obvious, when they jump, is 90% they will do  ;c ;d, for win this move, you need anticipate doing a large jump with  ;a (some hard to do), but is safer doing crouching +  ;c

With all them try to do step in distance only for terrify, this have a psicological impact and average player will change his strategy to attack being more passive.
Title: Re: Clark Matchups (good and bad)
Post by: LouisCipher on June 21, 2012, 03:10:13 AM
Actually I'm testing what Clark can do against Karate's j.CD and if he shorthops j.CD you can counter with s.D or s.A if you're quick enough. s.D is a safer bet. BUT if Karate does a normal j.CD the only safe way to AA him is with s.A. If you try j.D or st.D Karate's j.CD will either beat your move or trade in his favor.

Beni: With some trial and error it seems like his best bet to stop Beni from abusing s.D is to use your s.D as a poke and it's all dependent on timing. Or use j.CD. No other jump in works in that situations.

Will investigate Clark's step (Toward B+D) more. It could just be a really good online tactic.
Title: Re: Clark Matchups (good and bad)
Post by: LouisCipher on June 22, 2012, 09:22:30 AM
Okay, so Clark's s.CD counters either of Karate's j.CD's (short hop or regular jump). It's a really good AA in general too. I feel like a schmuck for not discovering this earlier...

*Edit: But s.CD is sooooo sloooooowwwwwww. So good luck using this on reaction...
Title: Re: Clark Matchups (good and bad)
Post by: LouisCipher on July 07, 2012, 05:09:10 AM
I feel that Clark vs Kim is in Kim's favor. His footsies are so good and can just shut you down. I feel like the only way to beat Kim is either block and punish or get lucky.
Title: Re: Clark Matchups (good and bad)
Post by: LouisCipher on July 16, 2012, 06:14:56 AM
In the Kim matchup I think playing footsies and being a little patient is key here. More elaboration later.

Just played a good Mr. Karate and not only is the offense gdlk but so is his defense. His fireball basically AA's everything Clark does on jump in unless you predict he'll do fireball and jump just before he does it. Which is easier said than done considering Karate's gdlk SRK and jCD.

EX Gatlin' is a good tool against his fireball but spacing is absolutely critical in that situation. I feel like with Karate you gotta' play footsies, use jD or jA or B and at the least it'll counter the jCD, but you have to use it at your discretion. Hard to maintain that pressure once you have him in the corner too. To beat Karate with Clark requires a lot of good reading.

With my team of Billy, Clark, Hwa in that order. I'll often stick Clark 1st, then Billy 2nd against a team with Karate on 1st. Without meter Billy is not as threatening against Karate and Clark can hopefully kill or wear Karate down enough then Billy can clean it up and hopefully take out the rest of the team.