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Title: Terry Bogard Matchup Thread
Post by: EXWildWolf on September 06, 2016, 05:38:35 AM
Discuss Matchups against certain characters or even whole teams!
Title: Re: Terry Bogard Matchup Thread
Post by: EXWildWolf on September 10, 2016, 01:14:04 AM
Few notes on MuiMui

Rekka Weave follow up is not safe, can Buster Wolf it.

Whiffed St.C can be punished with St.D

St.D whiffs on crouch, and you can throw her out of it.

No Meterless Reversals as far as I know.
Title: Re: Terry Bogard Matchup Thread
Post by: FatalFRAME on September 17, 2016, 03:15:58 AM
Against Nako

I think it may be best to stay outside of her light knife sweep range and look to whiff punish it for a full max mode punish. When she starts to use the hard version, this is when it becomes punishable on block. I think alot of Nako's try to get easy damage with hit-confirming into super, so its probably important to shut her knife sweeps out.

Also it may be possible to react to her bird and punish her with a lv2 buster wolf. Nako crosses her arms then points in the air whenever she calls her bird, so it may be possible to react to it with enough practice. To make things easier, u can definitely react to it if you buffer it as well. It may not be the best thing to do all the time, but if u can do it, i think it'll make nako's think twice about using the bird without any consequences when your terry has meter. But u can always roll in as soon as u see her cross her arms, it will get you in there to start an offense i believe, but it wont let u punish her.

If your not confident enough to do a air to air to knock Nako out when she clings on the bird, just dance in and outside of her dive range and whiff punish it.

If u know your spacing and is on point with whiff punishing, Im not really sure what Nako can actually do if u have the life lead with meter, u can lame her out or just rush her. I mean probably the best thing she can do on paper, is walk you into the corner for trying to stay at the right distances where she can just rush u down with bird hop shenanigans and low knife slides. Other than that, i think the Nako user will have to take risk's and play really smart to make Nako effective once your used to the matchup.
Title: Re: Terry Bogard Matchup Thread
Post by: EXWildWolf on September 18, 2016, 01:39:06 AM
The problem with rolling against bird is that she recover's fast enough to throw you, So EX Buster Wolf is much more suited for it, also you can Buster Wolf on reaction if you practice hard enough.
Title: Re: Terry Bogard Matchup Thread
Post by: GarouStar on November 22, 2016, 05:33:44 PM

Any one have any match up advice against Iori, Kyo and King? (especially Kyo and Iori)
Title: Re: Terry Bogard Matchup Thread
Post by: EXWildWolf on November 25, 2016, 06:48:55 AM

Any one have any match up advice against Iori, Kyo and King? (especially Kyo and Iori)


Play Footsies, bait RED Kick with Fireball Baits, A2A with J.B and J.A

Rekkas aren't safe much if spammed, so DPing through pressure is kinda legit


Low Profile J.D with Cr.B AA.

Fireball can be crackshooted or Hopped over.

Rekkas aren't safe and punishable by 8F or above on 2nd Rekka.


Fireball is pretty good to keeping Terry out, so just block and close in on her through walking. Power Wave kinda helps with zoning.

St.CD blows up Slide.

AA King J.CD with Df.C

Title: Re: Terry Bogard Matchup Thread
Post by: Reiki.Kito on November 25, 2016, 09:00:56 AM
Iori: Staying in is going to be important. Most of Iori's reversal options are good up close or point blank. Make use of your farther reaching normals to confirm into max mode if they whiff a lot of st.Ds.

You can make st.D whiff if you do strings like d.B, d.A, d.B, st.B. Any subsequent normal will make them whiff. You can stagger the d.B into d.B, st.B, but you're still in range. Be sure to step back a little.

Try to incorporate frame traps into your gameplan too. This is universal, but King, Iori, and Kyo all don't have grabs so any reversal in between a frame trap has to be beat by normals or reversals.  Stuff like d.B, st.C or staggering your normals will let you open up people.

Kyo: Use your longer normals to poke and pressure (St.B, far C, far D). If he starts using rekka to out poke you, throw out some d.Bs to check him.

Be very strong with anti-airs and don't let them get solid hits. df+C is your friend as well as far D. If they get the hard knockdown, try to mix between backdashing to bait out meaties or checking them with a d.A. Kyo players like to get in close to go for meaty pressure or bait reversals. Backdash on wake up stops that, but don't do it too much.

King: Pretty much the same thing as mentioned by WildWolf. Also remember that crapshot, her flip kick, is lower body invulnerable and has a wide hitbox. Don't give her any room. Everything she does is unsafe close up.

Use frame traps and hop pressure to keep her pinned down. If you get about 2-3 character lengths away, they'll stop throwing fireballs. If they don't, hop over them on reaction and punish. If they do, they are going to retreat or attack to keep you from being in their face.

Some people like tornado kick, but that's not safe. Some will slide. Test them to see what they do or if they switch up. If they like to slide, hop up with j.D and land on them or backdash to make them whiff. Once you're in their face, stay in their face.

EDIT: You can ALSO full jump early j.CD. Terry's J.CD has a really big downward hitbox and forward hitbox. If you read when someone is gonna tornado kick at you, you can just early j.CD and hit them clean/trade. You'll do more on the trade though.