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Whip / Re: Whip
« on: April 24, 2017, 01:33:55 AM »
Anyone have any idea on how to use this character? I learned some basic combos easy enough, but when I tried to use her against live opponents I realized I had no clue as to what I should do. Often times my opponents have more health after facing her than they did after the start of the round!

General Discussion / Re: Second DLC character wishlist?
« on: April 24, 2017, 01:20:58 AM »
Blue Mary is top pick for me hands down. If there is a second wave of DLC characters and she doesn't make it, then I'll have to consider that there may be an actual conspiracy against me.

Others I would like to see include Oswald, Eiji, Rugal (or Adelheid), Shen Woo, and some Garou: MOTW characters would be nice too.

What I really don't want is characters that are too close to characters we already have in the game. That means no Kyo clones (or Shingo, sorry), no shotos (I have mad respect for Takuma, but no thank you). I'm not saying they can't come eventually, but we have so many entirely unique characters that haven't made it yet. Let's get those guys in first.

ABSOLUTELY NO BAO OR MOMOKO! I would honestly pay more not to have them than buy them in a DLC pack for a discount. Hands down worst designs in KOF history (outside of Maximum Impact that is).

King of Dinosaurs is a lot more like Zangief than Maxima in my opinion. Not only do some of the normals look similar, but the command grab animation is similar as well. Going just beyond looks though, I feel that the two are played in a very similar manner.

Blue Mary isn't in this game, but if she was, she would be the one for Cammy players. Almost all her specials are similar to Cammy's, except they usually have a grapple move to follow them up. The similarities are mostly just in looks though, they actually play very different from each other.

If you are a Dudley fan and have ever thought "this guy would be even better with tits," then you want to play Vanessa. Don't think I need to elaborate further on that one.

Despite not getting the only character I really wanted, I'm still really excited for April 5. New characters, new stages, and some balance changes! I hope everyone will be playing this next Wednesday, and I hope this is only the first of several such updates. I know I'm being greedy, but this game feels so good to play and there are still so many great characters that deserve a chance with it.

I'm not saying this game should last as long as SF4 (that's way too long), but it would be nice if this game regularly got new content until the next game came out. We had KOF13 for 5 years and all the updates for the game were early on, then nothing for the rest of the game's lifespan. Besides, I like the odds of Blue Mary making it into the next DLC rather than to have to contend for a spot in the next game. Hell, at this point she is probably the most popular character, and definitely most popular female character, that isn't in the game yet.

Well congrats to Vanessa fans. Don't know why I thought Mary could make it into this game. That last silhouette is almost certainly a guy judging from the size of the feet. I just hope It isn't someone stupid.

Edit: So Rock was just leaked. Not what I was hoping for, but he will hopefully get more people playing the game. At least it's not Shingo or Bao  (like he had a legit chance anyway). Honestly, I hope this is just one of several sets of DLC characters.

Here's the Vanessa news you all have been hoping for.

Not for sure if this leak is real. The screenshot is too low resolution to be certain. I'm hoping it's fake just because it looks pretty crappy in my opinion.

They would have to reveal the most obvious one now wouldn't they. He does look fucking sick though. I hope he has the super where he drags his opponent face first across the floor, didn't see it in the trailer.

I'm getting less and less convinced that Mary will be one of these characters after looking at the feet a bit more. Mary always has her pants tucked into her boots and that is clearly not the case in these silhouettes. It sucks when your favorite character hasn't made an appearance in your favorite fighting game series for over 10 years (KOF XI was over 11 years ago if you can believe it).

I'm a little worried about Whips  ;fd ;a combo being abused in online. It just looks like one of those things that people would try to get cheap wins with. Whether or not it's effective isn't the point. It just sucks the fun out when people try to cheese a fight.

Anyhow, I got my fingers crossed for a Mary reveal tomorrow.

So the other night I dusted off my PS2, unearthed my Swap Magic, and popped in KOF 02 UM to familiarize myself with Whip and Yamazaki. Sadly, I gave neither of these two a fair shake back in the day. Can't really blame me though. With as many characters this franchise has, it's a bit overwhelming to try to learn everyone. With that being said, I'm a bit more excited about these 2 characters coming to the game.

I hope you're right. It would suck if the next reveal isn't till Whip comes out and they make us wait a month between characters. Still it's too bad that they didn't just go all at once. The sooner they crush my dreams by saying Mary isn't coming, the sooner I can get the 5 stages of grief over with.

Well I can't outright exclude Rock as a possibility, unless it's a redesign, I don't think he fits that standing up silhouette. There is too much around the shoulder area for it to be his jacket. I also don't think that DLC is how SNK would want to bring him into the KOF franchise if I'm to believe interviews that I have read. In fact Yasuyuki Oda said:

 "I don't know why he's been absent for so many titles, but I remember that right after Garou: Mark of the Wolves came out and he got popular, the general feeling was "It'd be a shame to waste his inclusion in KoF right off the bat, so let's keep him out of this next one, at least.""

Based just on that I would say Rock is a no unless they are actually going through with a Garou 2 and including him in this game to build the hype. But I honestly would prefer someone else to be in the game because we already have Terry and Geese and Rock is just a mashup (a good one!) of the two.

Even though I do not always cry over a character not being in a game, when I do, I prefer to cry for Blue Mary.

Link to where I got the quote:

Man, I really was hoping they would just announce everyone at once. There really is no need to drag this shit out over several weeks.

I'm honestly surprised at the lack of speculation on who the others might be so I guess I'll put my two cents in. My guesses are assuming that 1) these reveals are going in order from left to right, and 2) all these characters are returning characters, not new or previously not playable in the KOF series.

So for the next reveal I'm thinking Blue Mary is most likely. This silhouette definitely looks like a short haired female and the lumps on the shoulders could be the collar of her jacket. The only thing that has me worried is the one leg we can clearly see doesn't seem to be baggy enough to be her pants. Also, Mary is the single character I want in the game most and that is reason enough for me to be wrong about this despite the fact that I can't think of a single character that is more likely for this spot.

The next spot I don't have a good guess except that I doubt it's Vanessa or any other female character. There just isn't enough of an outline on this one that is clear enough to make an educated guess. But if we have Whip for sure, and I'm right about Mary, then I sincerely doubt there will be any more female characters.

The final spot has to be Yamazaki. Sure I can try to stretch my imagination and say it's Yashiro or even a buffed up Shen Woo, but that would just be trying to deny the obvious.

So guys, you think I'm wrong or right?

Maxima / Re: Maxima
« on: October 09, 2016, 01:57:56 AM »
Anybody got any tips for Maxima's wake up game? I find I'm having a hard time dealing with certain characters when I get knocked down. K' is especially difficult. If he knocks me down he just Ein Triggers in my face or some other shit and I don't have any other choice other than to block or try to roll out. The frustration is getting to the point where I'm thinking about dropping him altogether. At least in 13 I could EX air grab on wake up if someone was too aggressive.

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