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Maxima / Re: Maxima (Console)
« on: January 16, 2012, 12:58:34 PM »
What are my options against early jump-ins like Clark/Ralf's j.CD or Iori's early j.C. Moves that have a big hitbox and hit near the peak of my opponents jump are hard to AA. Reacting to a hop is hard enough, but using Maxima's slow normals to GP them is ridiculous. I get rushed way too easily because of this. At a recent tournament in my city, I got so overwhelmed in GFs I switched out to Kim/Vice.

edit: Here's a video of the Grand Finals sets. More links on the side as well. A&C's First Tournament 2012 - KOFXIII Grand Finals - Samir vs [YRSF]Raynex Set 1

Against Clark for example, I couldn't beat his j.CD so I could try to block the first one and st.A/st.C if he jumped again. Problem is, I'm already falling victim to his mix-up attempt. If I block the first j.CD he could instead B SAB afterwards and catch me pressing anti-hop buttons.

I'm also getting beat air-to-air ALOT. It feels like j.CD is too slow alot of the time...I'm not sure :(

Duo Lon / Re: Duo Lon (Console)
« on: January 16, 2012, 12:53:01 PM »
Has anyone figured out some mix-ups off of his st.A / st.D post rekka? All have are incredibly obvious left/rights and the hop j.B, f+B (which only works on standing). st.D xx qcb+A sets up more pressure, but can't be used as tool to open up the opponent in and of itself.

edit: That's a really efficient two bar combo Kane. Does it do similar damage to st.D xx Rekkasx3 -> Ex Super? I'm curious as to what his max damage is for 2 bars no HD.

General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread
« on: January 16, 2012, 12:43:29 PM »
Grand Finals set from the latest Toronto tournament. We've improved quite a bit! Many more videos from the event are in the side bar as well, so go crazy.

A&C's First Tournament 2012 - KOFXIII Grand Finals - Samir vs [YRSF]Raynex Set 1

Training Room / Re: How to compose a team
« on: January 05, 2012, 10:47:23 AM »
Hello boys, I have a question for you.

First excuse me for my english but I'm russian, second...

My team is Clark-Benimaru/Saiki/Claw Iori. Yeah, I've doubts about first character.

So, what do you think about this team? And of course, can you recommend me what's the best first character for this team (between Clark and Benimaru if possible) and why in your opinion?

I hope that my english results understandable.

Thank for all. :)

Benimaru is known for being one of the most terrifying anchors in the game. Putting him 1st wouldn't be impossible...but you would not be using him at his full potential. Luckily Clark is actually pretty good on point. His 50/50s with SAB and fast normals keep your opponent guessing, the damage rising, and your meter building. Not to mention his knockdown game doesn't really require any meter unless you want to push the damage on punishes. Out of the characters you play, Clark would be best suited on first position.

Lunar: That team sounds really good, especially in that order.

General Discussion / Re: Tier List
« on: January 01, 2012, 09:10:56 PM »
Just check out some high level King play, like the Answer's at NEC or Bala's in the arcade version, and you'll see what I mean about her close range game. Its what makes her dangerous.

Its all about mixing it up, if you do the same df+D into fireball all day of course you will get punished. Its worth mentioning that the opponent does need meter to punish.

Actually, because st.B, df+D xx Venom Strike usually produces a Trap Shot accidentally, most players delay the df+D xx Venom Strike so its timed as a late cancel. This gives the player enough time to return the stick to neutral and perform the Venom Strike correctly. The magic of this is that late cancelling the df+D doesn't affect whether the Venom Strike combos or not, because the slide itself has such great hit-stun.

There is a gap between the slide and the late cancel Venom Strike. If you perform an invincible move during this time, you beat King's Venom Strike (1 frame throws can work too). If the King DOES NOT like to late cancel during blockstrings and you attempt a reversal, nothing will come out because it is a TRUE blockstring. Essentially, it's like a ghetto option select - it carries no real risk for the defender of King's pressure. Reward if it's late cancelled, continued block if its immediately cancelled.

King's post Venom Strike (on block) pressure is fairly weak as well. st.C and st.D are both jump checks, and completely whiff on crouchers. Not to mention she is not at frame advantage after one of her blockstrings. With this in mind, most character's cr.Bs either beat King's next move or avoid her jump checks and punish her. Before I forget, she's absolutely horrid on defense as well. EX Trap Shot is the only tool that can save her from overwhelming pressure.

edit: But I still think she's high tier. Amazing zoning, great mobility, annoying pressure, one of the best fireballs, great metered moves, good corner game, good meterless anti-air, and Slide!

General Discussion / Re: The Official What's Streaming Now Thread
« on: December 29, 2011, 11:53:20 AM »

Casuals from Toronto.

And I believe Juicebox is streaming on his channel as well.

Thanks for the vote of support Saitsu. Toronto has been having weekly streams for fighting game casuals since last summer, and recently KOF has been the talk of the town. Last night, we had the stream exclusively for KOF because of the sheer number of players that showed up. We had more people than both UMvC3 and AE2012, victory!

We stream casuals every Wednesday, and tournaments (January 8th will be the city's second), so I'll be sure to post in here to let you guys know.

Oh, and before I forget - this thread is an invaluable tool for helping me and many others stay in the loop. Shouts to anyone who runs a stream for this awesome game and has fun doing it. You may not know it, but your efforts are much appreciated. Happy holidays everyone!

Offline Matchmaking / Re: Toronto/Southern Ontario KOF (including XIII!)
« on: December 29, 2011, 11:39:53 AM »
Nice to see you finally on here man. Happy holidays to you as well! There should be some casuals happening after the New Year weekend, so be on the look out for that. I always recommend people to join the FB group, because its the place with the most activity/information, but I'll post back here if any other events arise. Another tournament is happening January 8th, at the same location + time as the first one you attended. Hope to see you next week!

Training Room / Re: How to compose a team
« on: December 22, 2011, 05:34:51 PM »
No problem guys. Glad to hear you're both optimistic about the game. Good luck!

great game
friendly and seemingly active community
it makes me sad that kof isnt HUGE in the US. KOF for EVO, make it happen

thanks for the advice guys, ex iori is solid. im rolling with benom stripe/iori 98/SAIFAAAAAA right now, in that order, any other suggestions?

Hopefully this game will blow up in NA. It has a great following down here in Toronto already! Our first KOF tournament outnumbered UMvC3/AE in terms of entrants. We got the majority of the hype as well as great reception from the crowd. Great game indeed.

I really think you're team would benefit from a more meter efficient order. Athena/King/Iori would be best imo (Saifaaa IS Athena right? haha). Out of the three, Athena and Iori are best on point. You also need a strong anchor who can open your opponent up to translate your stocked meter into dead characters. Iori has an overhead, command grab, cross-up, DP, fireball, and hit confirmable rekkas. So many ways to go into HD combos + a great neutral game. Athena is great on point because her zoning game requires zero meter is VERY effective. King is great 1st OR 2nd, but Athena outclasses her on point with arguably the best zoning in the game. By virtue of Iori being best out of the 3 on anchor, and Athena being better than King on point, placing King second works well and doesn't take anything any from your team.

Give Athena/King/Iori a try and see how it goes. It'll give your meter more utility during end game, and take advantage of both Athena's strong meter build and Iori's offense.

Maxima / Re: Maxima (Console)
« on: December 20, 2011, 07:16:21 PM »
That's good to know. I haven't had the chance to play a Saiki yet so I'll keep that in mind.

During Toronto's first tournament (2 weeks ago), this guy put his Terry on anchor and I couldn't take him. I had to switch to my sub anchor Kim, because he kept beating me air-to-air+playing solid runaway. I think that match-up is pretty tough for Max.

Offline Matchmaking / Re: Toronto/Southern Ontario KOF (including XIII!)
« on: December 20, 2011, 06:57:20 PM »
Hey when are you guys having a gathering again?

We might be doing something today, and obviously Wednesday at A and C is still a go. Check the FB group for details about meet-ups. I'll also post on here if any kind of casual event is confirmed.

Oh, and there's another KOF tournament going down on January 8th (Sunday) @ A and C World.

Iori Yagami (Claw) / Re: Iori Yagami (Console)
« on: December 19, 2011, 12:07:38 PM »
Yeah, I was straight up wrong. The EX dash'n'slash goes through projectiles but has no invulnerability otherwise. I think the problem other people and myself are having is that we think the move goes farther and thus h as more invulnerability time than it actually does.

EDIT: Aha. Found the issue. The projectile invulnerability lasts about half as long as the move itself. The dash goes a bit more than half screen but the invulnerability lasts for about 1/4 - 1/3 of the screen.

Thanks for clearing it up. It was inconsistent as an anti-projectile move for me, and now I know why haha

King / Re: King wiki building thread
« on: December 19, 2011, 12:03:51 PM »
Few notes on things I've picked up so far / reiterating some basic information:

-EX Tornado Kick is projectile invincible
-EX Trap Shot is fully invincible, great reversal / last resort AA
-CH air-to-air j.CD combos into B Double Strike (more consistent than D), dash Trap Shot, dash D Tornado Kick

-Early (meaty) df+D can be timed to punish certain jump-ins for a full combo, as King's hurtbox drops very low to the ground during activation
-cr.Bx2, st.B -> Normal forward jump -> j.D functions as a simple cross-up set-up. (works well once you've conditioned your opponent to block st.B, df+D, Venom Strike blockstrings) You can mix this up with empty jump throws/lows.

I'm hoping to take a more active role in discussions about this game to further my own understanding of it. Glad to see you guys are active.

Did any of you catch my offline play on Neomaxico? You can catch the archive at

I'm hoping for a critique. Currently my team is King/Andy/Robert so that I can grasp the fundamentals and apply them across all 3 characters more or less the same. I already know I need work on Andy and Robert's HD combos, though I would like suggestions for what their HD combos should be in general.

I think my experience with SF makes playing King really intuitive for me. I'm pretty sure she'll be first on my tournament team. Totally open to switching the others, so right now I'm learning more characters to see what playstyles I like. Probably going to learn Hwa next, I hear he's GDLK.


first post, hi guys, critique my play plz, keep the scene alive

Welcome to DC Juicebox! I've been curious about how your crossover from the SF series has been going. I'll definitely give your matches a watch. No doubt you'll learn this game in no time!

Interestingly enough I also play Abel, AND main King :). I'm finding success in running King on point as well. The issue is that so many characters use meter on 2nd/3rd position better than King does, and I think her neutral game is her real strength. Basic zoning and corner pressure builds meter faster than most people realize, and she needs minimal bar to turn a corner hit into good damage. Her option tree really expands once you become familiar with her corner lockdown game.
(i.e.: [corner] st.D (or cr.Bx2, st.B) df+D, hcb+B, dp+B [DC] qcf+BD, qcf+Bx2, cr.C (385 dmg+ Reset, 1 Bar 50% Drive)

But anyways, on the topic on HD combos for Robert:

Robert's midscreen HD combos are spacing dependant and can get pretty tricky, so I recommend learning his corner combos first. It will help get you familiarized with timing common DCs and make executing all of his combos easier later on. Here's a great HD combo to start with:

Robert, 2 Bar + HD Mode

[Corner] cl.C, f+B (or cr.B, cr.A, f+B):

[HD activate] cl.C, f+B, dp+D (2 hits) [DC] air qcb+D, [*delay* dp+C [DC] qcf+P, dp+A (DC) qcb+D (whiff)]x2, dp+C [DC] f,b,f+K OR xx qcf,hcb+BD aka NeoMax

No bar ender - DP [DC] f,b,f+K = 650 damage
2 Bar ender - DP xx NeoMax = 820 damage

*The delay before the dp+C is imperative. It makes it so your opponent drops low enough for the fireball to hit after DCing the dp+C. Also, DP xx NeoMax can be input as  ;fd ;dn ;df   ;c ;dn ;db ;bk ;b ;d

Training Room / Re: How to compose a team
« on: December 19, 2011, 11:07:29 AM »
I been training with King a lot but i have been having having a hard picking two characters. Does anybody have any idea's.

I just happen to main King!  :)

My current team is King / Kensou / Maxima in that order. King is good in first or second position, but not so great on anchor (there are many characters than are better than her in this position imo)

Because her damage relies heavily on whether the opponent is in the corner or not, she can't get big combos easily as anchor. Characters like Iori/Shen/Kyo/Benimaru/Goro/Vice/Kim/Maxima are great at the end of a team because they can turn any hit into big damage ANYWHERE. Not to mention the first few characters I listed have either an overhead, a command grab, or both. This makes their mix-up stronger, and landing a hit easier...something King has problems with (she's primarily a zoning character).

I'd say put King either first or second, and fool around with other characters you like. Pick your favourites first and compose a team. Once you have 3 you like, you can simply rearrange them in an order that makes sense in regards to meter management and team synergy. Once you have a few in mind, post back here and we'll talk it out!

A team that I'm planning to mess around in here once I get the game is Ash, Terry, Iori in that order.(haven't decided on which Iori yet but I am leaning on flame Iori.) I may swap out one of these characters for Joe later so is this a good team?

Great team! Ash is good as a first character: great zoning game complete with projectile+amazing AA and no meter is required to run basic zoning patterns. He's perfect for testing the waters when the match starts; giving you the ability to dictate the pace of the match with a bit of defense, then switching over to rush down if you have a good read on your opponent. Terry is great second, because he doesn't need more than 2 bars to function. His 1 bar 50% drive BnB does almost 400, which is ridiculous! Terry's game is all about rushdown and pushing the guard meter to its limit, but he can definitely play it patient if need be. His best position is second because all he needs is 1 or 2 bar to run his neutral game, which leaves the rest for your anchor.

He's one of the best anchors in the game. Both Claw/Flame Iori can be run on anchor you're pretty much set.

Another noobie (to KoF all together) here looking for team comp feedback.

So far I like using Leona and Hwa the best. But I'm unsure on the last character I can use to compliment the team balance. I don't know if Leona or Hwa are good at zoning (at least I'm not haha) so I'm thinking of sticking a zoner in my team. The other characters I'm looking at for my main team are Joe, Ashe, Chin, Robert, and Terry. Just trying to decide which one to use... Any advice is appreciated

Leona is one of the best "air" zoners in the game. High priority jumping normals and her regular/EX V Slasher DM beats EVERYTHING in the air as well. Once she controls the skies she can push and force a knockdown, then mix-up with her instant overhead or cr.B hit confirms into 1/3 of your opponents life. She's a bit execution heavy, but a solid zoning character. Her objective is to pin the opponent down and use her strong high/low/grab mix-up game to sneak damage in...essentially its an elaborate hit&run/zoning style. She's best played second, but can be used on anchor position as well because of how much damage she can do with 3+ meter. Hwa is one of the best point (first position) characters in the game, with great meter build, safe blockstrings and high damage.

Good 1st: Joe, Hwa, Ash, Terry
Good 2nd: Chin, Robert, Terry
Good 3rd: Leona, Robert, Hwa

(This is only my advice, you can mix around your teams at will and it will almost always work. That's the magic of KoF!)

Teams that could work well:

Hwa / Leona / Robert
Joe / Terry / Leona
Hwa / Terry / Leona (Imo the strongest combination)
Ash / Chin / Robert (Another strong combination)

Just go with your gut, and I'm sure you'll make the right decision. :)

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