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King of Dinosaurs / Re: King of Dinosaurs
« on: July 27, 2017, 06:31:34 AM »
There's a light defensive option select KoD has against jumps.

Situation: KoD is getting jumped in on.
For jump-ins, opponents will usually do one of the following:
1. Use a shallow or high height jump attack to start pressure (could be anything, since many instant or near-instant hop attacks will make contact with KoD's larger crouching hurtbox).
2. Use a deep jump in to continue a confirm (jump is first hit of confirm), or continue into a grounded confirm (the next two hits on the ground will be a ground confirm).
3. Empty jump low, which beats back+C/D option select except at throw range, since it low profiles most cl.C/D attacks
4. Empty jump throw.

Solution: Buffer hcb, then hit C when the opponent is low enough on the jump descent that KoD's Zetsumetsu Hurricane (C ver.) is slow enough to connect only after the opponent has landed from the jump. Versus the above scenarios:
1. Used versus the shallow jump attack, KoD will block. Pressing C will do nothing since KoD will be in blockstun by the time it is pressed.
2. Versus the deep jump in, KoD's Zetsumetsu Hurricane (C ver.) armor will absorb the jump in and become active (grab the opponent) after the opponent lands. If the opponent continues to a grounded attack for a confirm, they will be grabbed unless they cancel to an airborne special or quick max to jump. Another risk of this technique is that jump-attacking KoD's armor causes hitstop, delaying the opponent's landing and giving them a few additional frames of hitstop to react to the grab and evade it.
3. Versus empty jump low, KoD will get Zetsumetsu hurricane (C ver.) and grab the opponent for attacking when they land. The opponent is likely committing to the low and there is no airborne hitstop so the grab startup is hard to react to but they could theoretically cancel to something that goes airborne or Quick Max to jump.
4. Versus empty jump throw, KoD will similarly get Zetsumetsu Hurricane (C ver.) and grab the opponent since it has throw invulnerable startup from the first frame since KOF XIV ver. 2.0.

The above technique can be used backwards against opponents who try to crossover empty jump right behind KoD to hit him before the KOF XIV allows KoD to attack in the other direction, and can beat rolls to behind-frame advantage that go just behind KoD too.

All of these things result in opponents needing to think carefully before jumping in on Dino.
There are some bad worst-case scenarios, but the option select covers many common offensives.

Chin Gentsai / Re: Chin Gentsai
« on: July 20, 2017, 04:17:59 PM »
As long as the opponent isn't too close to the wall when Chin's wall bounce EXDM (;dn ;db ;bk ;dn ;fd ;a ;c) hits, Chin can do a hyper hop A reset and run forward for an ambiguous cross-under  ;dn ;b.

Does anyone know if Chin has a good option select that will catch the opponent's rolls to either side from this setup?
I tried  ;dn ;b~ ;a ;c ;d and ;dn ;b~ ;a ;d
In both cases, it seems that Chin gets ;dn ;b~ ;a  whether or not there's hitstop.

Chin Gentsai / Re: Chin Gentsai
« on: July 20, 2017, 04:10:24 PM »
Yep, the drink nerf is pretty rough in combination with the toolset that Chin has lost.
The shoulder super is a lot better now though since you get the wall bounce even if the opponent is airborne, other options are weaker, and it is far easier to time the follow-ups than in KOF XIII.

For the record, Chin received two decent buffs in KOF XIV ver.2.00:

1. Chin's Gouran Ennhou (Fire Breath Climax) gained invincibility. It's 13F startup and nearly half screen range so it's great for moderate distance whiff punishing/countering in an emergency. Many other ranged supers either run out of invincibility before reaching half screen or don't have any invincibility.

2. EX Drink now fills the drink counter by 3 (+15% damage), allowing him to power up quickly and discourage the opponent from running away too much from Max Mode Chin. With Chin's drink counter at 3, he deals over 1000 damage off his standard qcb.AC combo starter if he lands two qcb,qcf.AC EXDMs in the combo.
To be more specific, I normally use qcb.AC, hcf.BD, qcb.A xx qcb,qcf.AC, run forward df.B~B, qcb.A xx qcb,qcf.AC, hyper hop CD to deal 1000+ damage with 3 drinks starting from 4 bars.

Kula Diamond / Re: Kula's video thread
« on: December 18, 2013, 03:55:33 AM »
Hey everyone, I used Kula in all of my matches at NEC XIV (Dec 7, 2013) except for my first match against RG|PachuKof.
You can check them out here:

Here's my match vs AGE|Romance.
NEC 14 KOF XIII BAM Karn vs AGE Romance

I did better with Kula in the second match, but then Romance's Yuri beat my whole team. Tips against her would be greatly appreciated!

Kula Diamond / Re: Kula's video thread
« on: December 18, 2013, 03:33:54 AM »
2. You have a chance of hitting them with the Jump C to confirm into a regular HD combo whereas with jump CD you'd just knock them down if it hit unless it was counter hit in which case you could follow up with HD-bypass jump CD to DM max cancelled on whiff to anywhere-juggle NEOMAX for 558 damage. (4 bars)

This doesn't require EX DM in order to connect. You can use level 1 DM anywhere on the screen and the anywhere juggle NeoMAX will still connect.

Thanks. I even wrote DM and not EXDM. It should be 3 bars as you said. Cool running into you at NEC btw :)

General Discussion / Re: An Intermediate Guide To Opening People Up
« on: June 17, 2013, 05:13:26 AM »
I just saw this on the front page. Thanks a lot!

Kula Diamond / Re: Kula Diamond (Console)
« on: April 12, 2013, 09:38:32 PM »
Brand new KoF players here, and Im very interested in Kula. Could someone post some high level Kula videos that I could learn from? I would appreciate it

Hi The K1 Effect! There is already a video thread here:

Kula Diamond / Re: Kula Diamond (Console)
« on: March 25, 2013, 05:07:45 AM »
Her instant hop A is okay for mixup sometimes. You can combo off it when it's meaty, but the timing for that is pretty hard; it's probably best to use a hard knockdown setup for it. It isn't as fast as the instant overheads of Billy, Ralf, and Leona, but I think she can make contact on a crouching opponent for a jumpin combo faster than everyone else for her meaty setup. Even if it isn't meaty, a shallow hop A close to ground doesn't seem to put Kula at too much risk; it feels like she's only slightly minus afterwards.

Also, players tend to open themselves up once you hack at their guard gauge for a while.

Kula Diamond / Re: Kula Diamond (Console)
« on: March 25, 2013, 05:00:44 AM »
OK, so it turns out Kula's crossup off D DOES hit standing opponents.  I don't know how I didn't know that before, but... oops?  Anyway, here are some crossup setups off block/hitstun:

Medium depth j.C on block -> regular hop D
Medium depth cr.B -> regular hop D
Deep j.D/A, cr.B -> regular hop D
Deep j.D, cr.B x2 (fast for less pushback) -> regular jump D

[point blank, opponents standing after blocking cr.B st.A]
cr.B st.A (variable chain combo speed), j.D.

If you chain as fast as possible, j.D will whiff
If you delay the chain a bit, j.D will cross over
If you delay the chain a lot, j.D hits in front.

[point blank, opponents standing after cr.B cr.B is blocked]
cr.B cr.B (variable chain combo speed), j.D.

If you chain as fast as possible, j.D will cross over (you have to press D pretty high in the air)
If you delay the chain a bit, j.D will cross over and "uncrossup" land on original side.

[point blank, opponents crouching after cr.B cr.B cr.B is blocked]
cr.B cr.B cr.B hh.D

If you chain as fast as possible, hh.D will whiff
If you delay the chain a bit, hh.D will cross over
If you delay the chain a lot, hh.D hits in front.

Kula Diamond / Re: Kula Diamond (Console)
« on: March 25, 2013, 04:57:44 AM »
EX ray spin is pretty good for frametrapping, +1 on block, without follow ups, so in the corner you can catch people with cl.c and midscreen st.b.  I've also had success with meaty heavy diamond breath after resets in the corner, but I don't think that really counts for something you're looking for. (instead of finishing combos with DP after qcb b > f+b, reset with cl.c low to the ground canceled into c diamond breath so they land into it)

Players here are able to react to Kula's Diamond Breath startup with invincible specials and DMs so I've phased that out of my gameplay. It's great pressure if used sparingly though. EX Ray Spin is also good for guard crushing when using the Stand followup, but the first hit of the close-range two hit followup can be guard rolled on reaction for full punish, so I suggest paying attention to opponent's meter.

Kula Diamond / Re: Kula wiki building thread
« on: January 15, 2013, 09:30:06 PM »
Great information, I'll correct that immediately.  Personally I relied heavily on EX DPs when I was having problems making C's "invulnerability" work.  Knowing A is actually invincible will change the way I play a lot.

I'll add your drive cancel option-select information as a note to the DP section.  Thanks again for your contributions.

Glad to help. Here are some safe jump setups:
(Note: If you're too far when landing a dp.C, drive cancels won't work but you'll at least get the knockdown.)

3f Safe Hop attacks from light normal confirms:

[1 Stock 40% Screen]
Light Confirm to qcb.BD, qcb.B~f.B, qcb.A, qcb.A(whiff), 3f safe hop C

[1 Stock 1 Drive 60% Screen]
Light Confirm to dp.AC (DC) qcb.D, qcb.B~f.B, qcb.A, qcb.A(whiff), 3f safe hop C

[1 Stock 1 Drive 25% Screen]
Light Confirm to dp.C (DC) qcf.AC, qcf.C, qcb.D, qcb.B~f.B, qcb.A, qcb.A(whiff), 3f safe hop C

3f Safe Hop attacks from heavy normal confirms:

[1 Stock 1 Drive 50% Screen]
Heavy Confirm to qcf.AC, (walk/run up) dp.C (DC) qcb.D, qcb.B~f.B, qcb.A, qcb.A(whiff), 3f safe hop C

[1 Stock 25% Screen]
Heavy Confirm to qcf.AC, qcf.C, qcb.D, qcb.B~f.B, qcb.A, qcb.A(whiff), 3f safe hop C

Note: For any of the above 3f safe jump setups, you can replace [qcb.B~f.B] with [qcb.B, dp.C (DC) qcb.D, qcb.B~f.B] without ruining the safe jump timing if you would like to blow drive meter for a bit more damage.

Kyo Kusanagi / Re: Kyo Kusanagi Combo Discussion Thread
« on: January 14, 2013, 10:12:16 PM »
This is a combo I saw on a latest KCE video:

It starts from his overhead: f+B (HD), st.D, dp+C (HDC), qcf+B, dp+C (HDC), qcf+B, rdp+B, dp+C (HDC), qcf+B, rdp+B, dp+C (3) (SC), air qcb~hcf+P (land) qcf, qcf+AC = 858 dmg

with a jump attack (j.C) with a close C, df+D (2) the damage total was 880. Without the jump C, I got 851. So, it's a rather damaging combo either way you start it. I think it's rather easy, but the tricky part is timing that st.D that Kyo is close enough to hit the opponent fully with his dp+C. If you Hyper Drive Activate too early then the dp+C will whiff after the stand D.

I've seen the 5 bar variant of this one (does 100% starting with hop C, C-df.D <HD>) on youtube somewhere. The only difference is at the end instead of just qcfqcf+AC at the end it's qcb,qcf.AC(2frame version) [MC] qcfqcf.AC.

The combo starter is strong but it has limited range; opponent's starting position is too far from the wall for the jumpin combo unless you do a deep jump that partially pushes the opponent back before you land --and-- you take full advantage of the HD slide. If starting from an overhead, it's probably 30% carry or so.

Shen Woo / Re: Shen Woo (Console)
« on: January 06, 2013, 05:11:10 PM »
Ok i will stydies this to level up my anti-air game, because shen don't have dp's or invicible move my friend like to jump a me, they know how to whiff my stA, 2C and i forgot to use bakutan to take the momentum cause sometimes my HD bar is already full and they scary about my HD combo

How do they make your st.A and 2C whiff?

You might want to review this part of The Beginner's Incomplete Guide to KOF:
[Chapter 4: Short Hop Defense]

There are examples where Kyo uses crouch C and it whiffs because:
a) Kyo guessed when to 2C instead of reacted, and in the other clip,
b) The opponent was outside of the range of Kyo's 2C.

Although Shen's 2C is very fast with a good antiair hitbox, it has long recovery on whiff, so do your best to only use it on reaction against hops/jumps that come within range.

Against an opponent who tries to jump far in front of you to be outside the range of shen's 2C, try to antiair with far C instead (it will also help a lot if you can get the timing for using the armor of far C; it depends on the timing of your opponent's attack). Good luck!

Elisabeth Branctorche / Re: Elisabeth Branctorche (Console)
« on: January 05, 2013, 05:42:20 AM »
I'm sure I've seen a dp hit after the DM but am unable to find the video.

As for the spacing. I can start it in the corner and do a jamping back A and pull off 2 DM this way, I am more interested in finding the dpA after DM timing though.

Oh cool I didn't know you could do that.

[Moments later] Tried it, it isn't working for me. I'm skeptical about this dp.A followup to Grand Rafale too.

In any case it's all just for style rather than damage unless you are confirming off of dp.A and eventually HD activating off of the st.A reset to max cancel the 2nd grand rafale.

Elisabeth Branctorche / Re: Elisabeth Branctorche (Console)
« on: January 05, 2013, 03:32:03 AM »
How do you pull off 2 grand rafael one after the other? and can you follow up the first DM with a dp.A?

I think landing two Grand Rafales in a row needs specific spacing from the wall; there's an example in Mission Mode - Trial.
The position your opponent starts at in training mode (or after using RESTART), you can do dp.A, dp.A neutral jump A, then do Grand Rafale as soon as you land. Somehow the last hits of Grand Rafale don't connect because of the opponent's height and position. Since the last hit of Grand Rafale causes the knockdown and the last hit doesn't happen, they float down in a free juggle state so you can reset them with st.A or close C. You can cancel the normal you used to reset into Grand Rafale, but there's enough time to recover from your normal and just juggle into the second Grand Rafale since it's fast enough.

You cannot follow up the first DM with dp.A because they are about to fall to the ground and you have to hit them with something really quick. Only st.A (maybe cr.A) and cl.C seem fast enough to stop them from falling.

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