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Steam ID: MadeManG74

Currently located in Sydney, Australia, but moving to Toronto, Canada in September!

Guys, don't do this to yourselves......The only thing they MIGHT change IMO is the netcode


Dude, I happen to think KOF will make a fine Turn-based strategy game on PC...

Guys, don't do this to yourselves, there is pretty much zero chance of any new characters or content. This is almost certainly a pure port of the console game.

Also, isn't 'Climax' just the console version ported to Arcade? AFAIK i thought we were playing the equivalent of 'Climax' on Console.

The only thing they MIGHT change IMO is the netcode, and even then it's touch and go...

Having said that, I'm still hype as fuck.

Good to know that there is at least something at A&C wherever that may be :p

I might try posting on KOF Toronto/KOF Canada or whatever group I can find on Facebook as well...

Hey all, sorry for the thread necromancy, but I figured it would be better than making a new thread about this. I'm currently living in Australia and I've just been approved to work/study in Canada, and I'm looking to travel to Toronto for 6~12 months later this year.

I was interested in knowing if there's much of a scene in Toronto for KOF, from this thread it looks like there is one. Where is the best place to look into it and eventually get in contact? Are you able to tell me much about the FGC in general (I also play VF) or point me to a forum/site where i can learn more? :)

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