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Decided to make a thread for these so they're all in 1 place and easier to find.

Originally started as helping people that were asking questions in the KoF facebook group.
These are quick guidelines to give players some general tips on how the character is played and what their tools can do.
Covers stuff like their pokes, anti-airs, reversals, some basic combos, best position for a character, and explanation of their move's properties.

These don't cover everything the character has, and they're not supposed to. They're to give you a starting point if you're learning the character, or give you tidbits of information you didn't know about your main/character you're struggling against.

If you have any notes or extra info that you think would be useful feel free to comment.

I plan on doing more of these as time goes, currently working on Kim, Leona, Tung and Kyo.

I’ve added frame data for everyone in the form of (start-up/ advantage on block).



KoF's first Narcoleptic character enters the fray with slow pillow projectiles, chun-li air lightning legs, and charge moves that get better the longer you hold them.
Meitenkun adds a unique mechanic to the game. His charge specials have 3 levels (the longer you hold it, the higher the level gets), higher level specials have more reach and can be used in more occasions when they have more levels.

His gameplan is pretty simple, control space with his projectiles and get people to respect them.
They're very good as they recover pretty quickly, move slowly so you can use them as aid in your pressure, and they also have a wide hitbox so hopping over them is not easy.

I think he's really threatening with meter for his EX explosion super. Anchor or second is ideal for him.
One of my main tactics is throwing a lot of pillows so people will jump at me and then do EX explosion. Easy money right there.

The thing is with Meiten, he doesn't have a straight up "Dp", his anti-airs are not so straight forward. Most people know that and try to jump over your projectiles as soon as they see them. you gotta learn the ranges of people's approaches to keep them out and to stop them from simply jumping over it. This however, can work in your favor if you have meter.

EX explosion is the go-to anti-air if you have the bar. Most rewarding option and will get them to stop jumping usually.
The other anti-air options are far C (13f/-6), crouch D (8f/-2), far A (5f/-1) and Geki Hou (d~u+P).
Far C and far A are useful against hops, where cr D and Geki Hou are better for full jumps.
Air to air you have j.C (10f), j.D (9f), j.CD (17f) and air lightning legs.

Far C is also a solid poke, you can cancel it into specials or f.B, it's useful to pressure people. His sweep, cr.C (7f/-6) is also cancellable and has nice range.
His CD (17f/-6) is suuper good and has crazy range. You can combo it into lvl2/3 lung punch or Climax midscreen. You can also combo it into A fireball for a restand in the corner.

Geki Hou, d~u+P, at level 1 (7f/-16) is a small beam and not invincible, it will trade or get beat out a lot so i wouldn't rely on it. Level 2 (6f/-15) is a bit bigger and it’s invincible but still inconsistent.  At level 3 (5f/-14) it has a much bigger hitbox and it's invincible so you can use that but you obviously won't have access to that most of the time. You can combo off of level 2 or 3 into EX explosion super and you can get it off of level 1 hou if it trades or if you hit them off a cross up attempt (behind you). You can also combo into lung punch or cr.A if they're hit high enough.

EX version (4f/-8) is super good. invincible, has a huge hitbox and pops them for full combo. It's also practically safe on block coz it recovers quick and has a lot of pushback so being in MAX mode is gonna make people more grounded and honest.

Another thing about Geki Hou that's not very known is that it cancels projectiles so use that in your zoning/counter zoning

His Lung punch special, b~f+P (13f/-7) is good but mainly use it after hit confirms or at max range coz it's not safe otherwise.At max range it can be 0 on block. f+P does an extra followup palm (6f/-14).
You can try to be cute and delay the followup to catch punish attempts but you leave a gap where you can be thrown.
Lvl 2 and 3 go really far and they can combo in places where lvl 1 won't (eg: after ex Geki Hou midscreen).
You can cancel lung punch followup into ex explosion, this is my main BnB ender, something like c.B c.A c.B or cl.C f.B into lungpunch>followup xx EX explosion, pretty easy and solid damage.
Lung punch follow-up also cancels projectiles.
EX Lung punch (14f/-5) has a lot of hits and pops up, can combo into EX Geki Hou or any normal for a reset.  

His pillow projectile (qcb+P) is the "essence" of his gameplan, A goes forward (18f/+1) and C goes upward (19f/+1). Both have slow travel speed, start-up and recovery. It's input (qcb) helps in that you can always have a lung punch ready once you toss a fireball if you simply hold the B at the end of the input.
Tossing A pillows and running after them is what you'll mainly try to do, bait stupid stuff like a jump or roll then punish with combo/EX explosion.
His EX fireball has quick travel speed (16f/0) and can be used to kill a lot of zoning attempts, goes forward and knocks back which you can combo off of in the corner.
He has air "lightning legs" qcb+K in the air, very similar to Chun-Li's in SFV. B is quicker (7f) and doesn't change his air momentum. D (14f) has a bit of a "pause" before he starts kicking, it also moves him a bit forward even if you do it off a backjump. You can combo into it off of j.A or a Counterhit air CD.
You can combo off of it in juggles as it pops them up.
his EX lighning legs (13f) has the D version's "pause" but goes almost fullscreen and you can combo off of it.

His "ranbu" super, qcfx2 +K, (10f/-18) is mainly used after ground confirms, or you if you want to Climax cancel in a combo. Causes a sliding knockdown.

Explosion super (9f/-107) is a small one and it can miss trying to use it in combos or as an anti-air, always go for EX (8f/-97) if you have the meter. The damage and bigger hitbox are worth it.

His Climax, hcbx2 +AC (13f/-31) is good, goes super far but it's mainly a combo ender and to punish fireballs. Keeps zoning in check if you're around 3/4s of the screen away.

Meiten has some crazy combos in the corner, but you can keep it simple and still get beefy damage. Midscreen he has nice corner carry meterless or you can burn meter for EX explosion and get good damage instead.

-cr.B cr.A cr.B Lung punch>follow-up xx EX explosion
-Cl.C f.B lung punch>followup xx EX explosion
-cr.B cr.A f.B xx Ranbu super
-Corner CD xx qcb+A Cl.C f.B MAX ...
-cr.B cr.A far B MAX ...
-Cr.B cr.A f.B MAX ...
-Cl.C f.B MAX ...
-f.B MAX ...
•Midscreen MAX follow up:
-cl.C f.B EX lung punch EX Geki-Hou lvl2 Lung punch>follow-up, cancel into EX explosion for more damage
•Corner MAX follow up:
-Cl.C f.B EX pillow EX lung punch C Geki-Hou EX Geki-Hou A Pillow (C Geki-Hou xx EX Explosion, or Lung punch xx Ranbu Super)
-Point or 2nd:
Cl.C f.B EX Lung punch C Geki-Hou EX Geki Hou C pillow Lung punch > follow-up xx Explosion

-Learn how to charge lung punch for combos that have f.B right before, it takes time to get used to but it's doable and useful to maximize damage.
-For f+B into lung punch combos, you can do the f+B input early and it'll still come out. You basically do the f+B as soon as you press Cl.C and immediately hold back, you'll have enough charge to get the move out by the end of f+B's animation. Takes some practice but it's very doable.
-another method that i use to combo into EX lung punch without f.B is doing Cl.C f.B (hold back as soon as you do the f.B input) MAX Cl.C EX lung punch. If you do it quick enough, you can combo into Cl.C after MAX cancelling and have the charge go into Lung punch. In this version the hard part is connecting the MAX cancel into Cl.C quick enough. Pick your poison with either method, both take practice but doable.
-his far B is a low and has nice range,  it can catch people off guard as it's a far standing low. Useful at the end of MAX confirms coz of it's range and it helps as you can start charging for Lung punch during it.
-You can cancel after your strings, blowback or far C into A pillow projectile to continue your offense but keep in mind that there's a gap (smaller off of CD) where people can jump over it or straight up interrupt you, but you can mix in C fireball to keep people honest. Also remember that you can whiff cancel pillows into ex explosion if you think they'll do something stupid. It's a big window, especially if you buffer the super.
-You can charge for Geki-Hou while running by doing f,df then use it by simply doing u+P. Very useful if you're in MAX mode, especially if you have a fireball covering you.
-For lvl2 Lung punch after EX Geki Hou midscreen, you need to be charging it's input while doing the EX Geki Hou. Basically the input will be : EX lung punch hits > (charge for Geki by holding db) then do the EX Geki Hou by inputting ub+AC. This way you do Geki Hou while keeping the back charge for lvl 2/3 Lung punch.
-After his explosion super, regular or EX, If you don't press a button Meiten will go to sleep till you get hit or press a button. Totally worthless but it's a funny touch.
-Meiten will also go to sleep if you stay idle for a long time.
-f.B is an overhead if it's done raw, you can MAX cancel out of it into a full combo.


Known by so many people that have never played fighting games (thanks to Doujins), The sexy Anhel makes her return and brings back the same unchained shenanigans and even rockin a new -semi- infinite!

She's a very in-your-face character, she lacks all around (anti-airs, getting in, pokes) but once she's close enough to start her unchained stuff you can do some serious damage.
She has (one of) the highest meterless damage in the game and she has a lot of high/low and even left/right mixups that she can do.

Personally I think Angel is best on point mainly coz it's in her favor for opponents to not have their meter options. Plus she also doesn't need meter to do her dirt and builds it pretty quick making her a pretty good battery.

You'll need to learn how her unchained works and what leads to what. It has a lot of odd rules but it'll become natural after some games with her.
She has lows, overheads, dash through, unblockable. and an invincible evade move.
so once you start using unchained correctly, you can go for mixups and pressure and if it's blocked you can back off safely at the end.
Quick run-down on the unchained series and how it works:
Starters: These moves start the unchained series, giving you access to lots of different tools that are only available during the unchained series
-Qcb+P (16f), knocks back
-Df+B (18f/-8), low
-Df+D (17f/-7), overhead
-BF+K mid (13f/-5), 2 hits
-Hcf+K, Command dash. Starts and resets the series. Can go through opponent if close enough. Cancellable into unchained mids at any point (even after going through the opponent)

These can only be done after a starter, you can chain them into each other but there's a few guidelines to follow:  
-You can't do P to P or K to K, you have to alternate
-You can't chain into a move with the same direction as the move before (can't do u.P into u.K)
-You can't do the same move during the same series twice, only "exception" is f+K which can be done multiple times in a juggle.
-the Hcf+K run can be done off of these Mids to "reset" the series so you can do stuff like u+K run u+K run.

Once you do a starter these are the possible follow-ups:
-u+P (11f/-3), upwards palm, pops up in juggles for extensions
-u+K (8f/-4), upwards kick, same as u+P
-f+P (20f/-10), 2 hit slow overhead
-f+K (10f/-16), mid leaping kick, useful in juggles. not safe on block
-d+P (10f/-7), quick low punch
-d+K (24f/-7), slow low kick

Special circle
-f,b or neutral AB. this is an invincible twirl. You can do any of these to escape safely after an unchained blockstring/mixup.

These will end the unchained series, they all knock down in some form:
-ff+A (9f/-12), the go-to, launches for a combo.
-ff+C (27f), slow unblockable. Wall bounces on hit but you can't follow up after it.
-ff+K (21f/-5). Slow multi-hit overhead, hard to combo into.
-Qcf+C, command throw, solid ender for damage.
-Qcf+A (21f), leaping command throw. For mixups

Extra note: You can enter unchained series on whiff and can chain mids on whiff as well.

My early mixups were mainly df.B/df.D off of blockstrings into unchained combo. Very simple but effective mixup to start you off.

As i said earlier, her anti-airs and pokes aren't the best.
For anti-air you have far B, cr.C, bf+K, far A (5f/+2, ass), far D (11f/-4, hella ass).
Far B (6f/-4) is the most consistent one but it's still not reliable and nothing to write home about it's a bit better now but it's still somewhat iffy, cr.C (10f/-25) is death on block or whiff and has a wonky hitbox where it's only good if you hit them super deep but it's too slow/risky to use, but you can go into a full combo off of it so the reward is worth if it you can land it.

Air to air she has better options in j.A (6f) and j.2D (5f) but they lack in range.
Her counter super and her EX ranbu super are good to keep people out of the air but they cost meter.

For pokes sadly far C, far B and her blowback are all she has, far C (9f/-4) and CD (18f/-5) fall short speed and range wise, but she has good aerial pokes with j.D (10f) and j.CD (16f). Use them to compensate for her subpar ground game. They are also her jump ins. A deep enough j.CD will give you enough blockstun for a free hop.
j.2D is also a solid jump in, lots of active frames so it'll beat a lot of stuff.

She has one of the few "tacos" with her j.C (12f), she can do some really nasty hitting crossups with it. Learn it's range/timing and when you can apply it. A simple mixup example with it, blocked deep j.CD into hop j.C or hop j.2D. Done right it's really ambiguous and hard to block correctly.

her hcb+K, Red sky (15f/-4) is an important special, Angel dashes forward a bit over halfscreen and if hits it leads to a hard knockdown. negative on block. Can catch some jump-out attempts.
Try to always end your combos with hcb+K as it's a hard knockdown and leads to a safe jump (hyperhop x2 j.CD).
The other common ender is her ff+C unblockable unchained ender in the corner. You can get a 4 way mixup off of it if it's done right, but you risk losing the corner if you mess up or if they block correctly.

Mad murder, Her command grab (14f) sucks, don't use it outside of the EX version. The EX (9f) pops up pretty high and it's invincible, you can even anti air with it if you time it right.
Her other EXs are ok but not worth putting her second or anchor imo.
EX hcb+K (11f/-4) is invincible and safe so it's a quick get-in move.
I still don't understand EX run, but it's faster and you can do stuff from and to it quicker, plus you can whiff cancel into it.
EX gut punch(27f) causes a crumple, which you can combo into regular gut punch into unchained combo. It also causes a guard break if blocked. Pretty decent but hard to apply in matches.

Real Rave, is her Ranbu super (7f/-21) and her meter combo ender, can Climax cancel out of it. EX (6f/-24) is invincible for a bit and goes further.

Counter super (4f but invul from frame 1) is her only real "reversal" but it's a risky one. Can't cancel out of it for more damage sadly. Switches sides so it can flip the momentum if you're cornered.

both her supers have a dumb input (B into Dp motion) but it'll become natural with practice don't worry.

Her Climax, Assention time (10f/-20) can be used as a fireball punisher and Combo extender but that's about it, it's invincible but don't use it as a reversal coz it'll most likely go over the opponent and whiff.

Quick combos to start with, her combos aren't as linear as other characters so I'll use a more anime-esque format here.
Note: for f.B and bf+B cancel before the second hit, coz otherwise they'll be out of range for the rest of the combo.

-cr.B Cr.A cr.A
-Cr.B cl.A
-Cl.D f.B
-cl.B cl.B cl.B

Mid (unchained starter)
- bf+K
-qcb+P (corner or after only 1 close normal)

End (bf+K)
-d.P ff.A (hcb+K or ranbu super)
-u.K d.P f.K qcf+C

End (qcb+P)
-f.K u.P ff.A (hcb+K or ranbu super)
-Longer combo, also switches sides:
f.K u.P run u.K ff.A (hcb+K or ranbu)
-Even longer combo from qcb+P, easiest out of cross up j.C:
J.C cl.B qcb+A f.K u.P run u.K run f.K ff.A (hcb+K or ranbu)

-u.K d.P (whiffs) f.K ff.A bf+K f.K u.P (ff+C or ranbu super)

Other combos:
-Cl.D f.B MAX cl.D f.B EX grab (small dash) bf+K f.K u.P ff+A, hcb+K or ranbu

-Cl.D f.B MAX cl.D f.B EX grab run u.P run u.K run f.K ff+A, hcb+K or ranbu

For Swag:
-Cl.D f.B MAX cr.C run f.K u.P run u.K run f.K ff.A bf.K f.K ranbu

Keep in mind that for all the combos that involve her "run" you switch sides everytime you do it so the input of the next part has to be done to the other direction. It's usually something with an up input so it'll work either way but now you know.

-off of ff+C corner enders, you can do hcf+K twice then cl.D meaty. This will go through and hit from the other side. If you delay the run a bit you'll stay same side.
Another one is backdash hcf+K cr.B (hits other side and is a low). Backdash hcb+K into cr.B hits front.
She has a lot of other setups from this ender as well.
-Her cr.D (12f/-2) has a lot of range and reaches further than any of her pokes, but it's very slow so using it is pretty risky overall but it's there.
-You can cancel into unchained enders after special circle (her dodges). Can be used to sneak in her qcf+A command throw ender.
-Mid blockstrings doing hcf+K into f.P or d.P can catch people if they're not careful as you'll be on the other side. You'll get tagged if they're mashing though.
-Mid blockstrings MAX cancelling immediately into EX gut punch can catch a lot of people off guard.
-Off of CD wallstick you can do hcb+K (whiff) bf+K f.K u.P hcb+K. this can be done anywhere on the screen.
-She has regular MAX cancel shorts just like most characters. cr.B cr.B far B. MAX cl.D f.B unchained whatever you want.
-On bigs you can connect bf+K after ff+A ender midscreen.
-You can cancel backdash into air j.2D, this makes the backdash cover more range.
-Qcb+C (16f/0) has been buffed and it's now godlike. Around -2 with no pushback at all. In the corner you can go for a high/low mixup after it with d.K or f.P into full combo. You also do EX command grab as a frametrap and it'll catch everything except jumps.
-You can link cl.B (5f/-2) into cl.D f.B for more damage and a longer confirm.
-off a high enough jump, you can do j.A j.2D for a sneaky double overhead.
-She can do meaty unblockables after landed ff+C, hcb+K or lvl1 ranbu super.
The setup is Qcb+A (cancel asap) f.K ff+C.
Off off ranbu super it's df+D f.K ff+C.
-Currently she can do a semi-infinite with EX run u.P EX run u.K EX run u.P ... It's not an infinite as they become out of range after 6 or 7 reps I think (can't do it consistently so I'm not sure lol)
-She has a nasty pressure "string" that if done right can be plus and unjumpable, which is run d.P run d.P run d.P ... Not easy to do (i do it as 4123+P 6+K).

Once you feel comfortable enough with her you can find a lot more tech for her on YT or Twitter. She's a pretty complex character so if you're a tech lover you'll have fun with her.


 Kensou, one of the OG hit-and-run style characters, lost his XIII moveset while keeping his shitty idle pose and returns to his original moveset regaining his command normals, his dp+K upkick and his 3 hit horizontal and vertical Ryuurenga.
With tools for zoning, multiple guard-point options, and decent pokes, He can play at any range well but excels from far away.

Kensou's playstyle revolves around his fireball, and his ridiculous amount of anti-air options to keep the opponent grounded.
Having vastly different fireball speeds to harass his opponents and cover his offense, as well as now having mixup options with his f+A overhead.

Kensou imo is one of the best point characters, mainly because he doesn't need meter for his gameplan to work and it helps his zoning if the opponent doesn't have meter to spend either. He gets to abuse his fireball zoning and pressure more and a lot of characters have to hold that.
There's also that his MAX combos are kinda booty outside of the corner.. But that got fixed with the 1.03 patch.

Kensou has a crazy amount of anti-airs including normals, specials and supers.
His normals are better vs hops as they're less risky. he has cr.C (6f/-1) , far B (6f/-3), far D (9f/+1), far C (10f/+1) and close D (6f/-1).
Far B and close D are the most consistent from my experience, far B is for further hops and close D is his XIII stand D which covers the area right above him pretty well.
his C normals in general are iffy as they don't have many active frames and cr C's hitbox fails at times.
He also has j.B (7f) and j.CD (14f) which are great for air to airs.
His anti-air specials and supers are better for normal jumps, but you can anti-air hops too if you're quick enough.
Anti-air specials are Rdp+K, dp+K and hcf+C.

Rdp+K is his signature upside-down DP, light (6f/-26) is invincible and 3 hits. Heavy (10f/-33) has a dash before it and it's not invincible but has more hits.
EX (8f/-37) is B's speed with D's extra hits and height.

Dp+K is a slow upkick, B version (14f/-15) is quicker and D version (20f/-15) is a bit slower but pops up higher. It moves a bit forward before he does the upkick part. Has a guard point but not from frame 1, it's active around when he lifts his legs up. Second will whiff on most crouchers.
Can be used to anti-air but needs to be done super early, otherwise you can autoguard the jump-in but they'll have enough time to land and block.
Can combo into EX dp+K.
EX (10f/-8) pops up and useful in corner juggles. Can combo A fireball after it into more stuff.

Hcf+P is his OG triple attack, Ryuurenga. A version (13f/-9) goes horizontal, his best meterless combo ender. If the first hit whiffs he won't finish the sequence but he still has some recovery.
C version (11f/-Death) is vertical, has autoguard and is mainly to cover the area above him where Rdp+B won't reach.
Both versions are not safe so don't do them unless you know for sure that they'll hit.
EX (10f/-Death) is similar to the C version, can be used in some corner combos.

He also has anti-airs with meter, EX fireball super and qcf hcb+D.
These are obviously more rewarding but generally you need to be anticipating the jump to do them and they're harder to do on pure reaction.

The other part of Kensou's gameplan is based around his fireball.
A fireball (21f/-1) is a slow fireball with long startup and fast recovery.
C fireball (21f/-1) is a fast fireball with quick startup and slow recovery.
Knowing when to use which fireball is important and takes practice.
A fireball is generally the go-to, you recover quick enough to run behind it and start your pressure with the fireball as your cover. The slow travel time is also useful to bait stupid stuff once people see you closing in and there's a fireball on the screen as well.
This way you can also be close enough to punish escape attempts from the fireball like roll or a neutral jump.
It's in Kensou's favor whether people decide to respect the fireball and block or if they try to avoid it and jump/roll.
If they respect it you run in after it and start your pressure with hops, f+A/cr.B mixup, poke them with cr.D, push them to the corner with CD/j.CD etc.
if they jump it should practically be free damage for you, punish with Rdp+B/hcf+C or with a super if you have the bar.
C version is for fullscreen zoning and to throw off their escape timing, it's also easier to combo into and works as a low risk blockstring ender.
Keep in mind that there's a small gap if you cancel into A version but you're even (or sometimes plus if you're far enough) if they block it. C fireball leaves no gap but you're negative after.
EX (15f/-6) is a super quick fireball that eats other projectiles. Knocks down. Nothing special but it can help against some zoners.

Other than fireball and anti-airs, Kensou has some decent pokes.
Far B is neat, not 98 far B but it's useful as a poke and a hop "check".
Far D is basically a slower, more damaging far B.
His CD (13f/-3) moves him forward and has a nice hitbox, you can also combo into C fireball from anywhere if it hits. EX fireball super and Climax also combo from anywhere.
Cr D (7f/-4) is his furthest reaching and imo best poke, cancellable too. Cr D xx A fireball will make it hit meaty if they tech roll.
It's only downside is that it's open to hops so don't completely rely on it.
His j.CD deserves a mention mainly coz of it's crazy hitbox, it's a tad slow but once it's out that thing is a beast. Neutral hop j.CD is a nice, low risk, annoying poke. If you're quick enough on CH you can combo EX fireball super or even Climax.

His air to airs are j.B and j.D (8f).
 j.B is horizontal and j.D is closer and somewhat vertical. Both can cross up as well but it's tight.
J.C (7f) is his main jump in alongside j.CD.

His air qcb+P (20f) is a dive that stops him in the air for a bit, can combo off of it in the corner.
Need to be spaced otherwise it's not safe.
EX (15f) is hella hits and leaves them standing, but you can't combo/link after it. It's also safer.

His main super is the fireball one, act the same way as his regular fireball but bigger. A (16f) is slower travel and safe, C (20f) is fast travel but more negative. Can be used to cover regular fireball and EX (11f) can punish a lot of projectile attempts from fullscreen on reaction.

Other super is his OG super, starts with a Ryuurenga. B goes forward and D upwards (both 7f). D version can be used as a high risk/high reward anti-air, just make sure it hits coz if it doesn't you'll pay for it. If you’re cornered D version won’t connect properly so don’t use it there.
EX (5f) is same as D but more hits/damage.
In the corner he can safejump after it (whiff stand A into neutral hop j.B)

His Climax (8f/-49) is his XIII qcf+K animation.
mainly a combo ender or to punish fireballs, it can also anti-air in some situations but you have better, less expensive options that can do that.

Kensou's combos aren't complicated, he now has legit midscreen MAX stuff as well so here goes

-Cr.B cl.B f.A hcf+A
-Cr.B cr.B f.A hcf+A
-Cl.C f.A hcf+A
-f+A MAX cl.C f.A Super
-Cl.C f.A MAX cl.B dp+B EX dp+K super
-Cl.C f.A cl.C EX dp+K EX hcf+P Rdp+B xx super
-(f+A or cl.C f.A) MAX cl.D f.B qcb+C EX dp+K qcb+A Rdp+B xx super
-(f+A or cl.C f.A) MAX cl.D f.B qcb+C EX dp+K EX hcf+P Rdp+B

Hcf+A ender can be replaced with qcb+C which is cancellable into super if you want more damage for some meter.

-f.A (16f/-13) is an overhead if done raw. Has a lot of range and useful in mixups.

-f.B (16f/-6) is his other command normal, advancing hop kick. Only useful in corner combos really. Whiffs on crouchers and not cancellable raw.
-Cr.B (5f/-2) wasn't mentioned but it's really good. Has crazy range.
-Cl.B (6f/-1) is a low, he has better lows but it's good to keep in mind
-Anti-air fireball can combo into EX fireball super or Climax if you're quick enough.

-On wakeup, Rdp+B xx A fireball super can be used as a safe reversal option.
-Can't combo from throw anymore, but that's universal as no one can afaik.




Ramon, the original luchadore grappler with crazy mobility and off the wall shenanigans.
Ramon is a unique grab-oriented character that can be all over the place and can confuse opponents with his flashy moves.
His gameplan mainly involves getting close enough to be a threat with his command grabs, j.C and run fients.

Unlike traditional grapplers, Ramon's main grab imo is his running somersault grab. It's what makes people twitchy and try to jump away coz it's basically a run animation that becomes a throw if you stay put. It's essential in Ramon's offense with run fients and hop C pressure which keep the opponent guessing on when they should be blocking or trying to avoid the Somersault.
He does also have a quick traditional command grab in hcf+P which also helps him in opening people up.

As you might've seen with El Rosa, Ramon shines in the 2nd spot. Mainly because his damage becomes scary high with 2 bars stocked and the slightly extended MAX mode benefits him greatly to end combos with an upgraded El Diablo (qcb hcf+K) Super.

Ramon's jump normals are a big part of his gameplan, mainly jump C. It has a beefy hitbox, decent speed and it can cross up. Very ambigious and hard to anti-air in a lot of angles.
The other important air normal is j.CD, this one is mainly for air to air and to starting pressure.
j.B is a quick air to air and j.D is a solid jump-in for further jumps that j.C won't reach.

He has solid pokes but they're a bit slow and have somewhat awkward angles, you'll need to learn how to utilize them to be able to fight in the mid range.
His pokes are far B, far C and cr C.
Far B (6f/-5) and far C (8f/-5) are the main ones, far B is better overall as it's quicker and can be used as a "check", far C is more rewarding (especially if you quick MAX out of it) and covers more or less the same range, but it's a bit slower.
Cr C (11f/0) is his other main poke, it's good if it connects but it lacks in range and speed. Mainly a pressure tool to use with his run feints and it cancels into df.B (16f/-13).
His CD (16f/-11) can be used as a poke, and it can also anti-air hops but it's a bit slow and it's risky coz it's not cancellable on whiff. Can combo into El Diablo super from anywhere.

For anti-airs he has far A (5f/-1) , far D (14f/-4) and j.CD (9f).
Far A is pretty quick and can be used as a poke too, far D is pretty slow but once it's out it can anti-air a lot of stuff.
In the air j.CD should be able to take care of everything, j.B (5f) can be useful as a quicker option but it has a lot less range.

As said earlier, Somersault (14f) is one of his main tools, it's threat is what makes Ramon scary and why people would jump away or try to press buttons/reversal any chance they get. You can also stop with AB to feint your opponent or to stay safe if they jump.
It's best to use in spots where people would expect a button so they'll try to block, like cl.C df.B qcb+C then somersault.

Hcf+P is also important, quick grab (5f) for good ol' grappler action. Useful for punishes and in offense, it's also good if you're cornered coz it switches sides. Can combo from cl.B, cl.A or chained df.B

Tiger road (qcb+K), a signature move of his, is where Ramon starts running backwards towards the edge of the screen and jumps off of it, done raw he'll bounce off the wall and fall on his face, it does a hit if they're close enough. Hits overhead. It's to cover the closer area where both the Tiger road follow-ups will miss if the opponent is crouching.
Once he reaches the wall he has 2 possible follow-ups, qcf+P and K.
K is a flying cross chop that'll go almost fullscreen, can be used to go over fireballs. Knocks back and not safe on block.
Qcf+P is a flying body splash that goes into a grab animation if it connects, goes about halfscreen distance. Think Fuerte's fajita buster off the wall.
It also grabs airborne opponents if they're in it's path.
You can pick up with dd+A after it for big damage.
Tiger road can also be stopped with AB, can be abused from far away for meter building.
Uf will cancel the run into a backflip, pretty pointless but it's there.

Sobat kick (dp+K) is the money maker damage-wise, combos from heavies and df.B. It's a flashy rekka basically, on hit you can do dp+K for a followup splash, and you can dd+A off of it. Only do this after a confirm. B (15f/-8) is quicker and D (20f/-11) has a bit more range, always go for D Sobat imo.

Qcb+P is an odd move, mainly for cancelling normals to stay safe. Holding it will make Ramon walk back and forth till you let go, A version will do a leaping dropkick(20f) once you let go, very unsafe but can anti-air if used early enough as it hits a pretty high angle.
On Counterhit it causes a wallstick.
C version is just the walk lol, in pressure cancel into qcb+C to stay safe, otherwise df.B for example is punishable.
In pressure you can do stuff like cl.C qcb+C throw, or cr.C df.B qcb+C cr.C df.B qcb+C. You can do 3 reps before they're out of range. This has no EX and it doesn't build meter.

Lastly there's his kneedrop, dd+a~C. The input takes some practice. You can piano it or simply do dd+A then hold C. It's useful when people are expecting a df.B, can cross up crouching opponents and can be tricky on wakeup. Can be followed up with dd+A. It also OTGs, mainly after El Diablo super in the corner, leads to a safejump (normal jump j.D).

F+A (23f/-5) is a slow overhead that knocks down, it leads to good damage if you manage to land it as you can follow it with dd+A.

Quick notes about his OTG pickup dd+A. This can be done off a few moves; dd+A~C, Sobat follow-up, Tiger Road~qcf+P and his f+A overhead.
It can be cancelled into grab super, EX El Diablo or Climax during the last punch after he picks you up. This is where all his damage comes from. Without the cancel it leaves the opponent standing and you're both around even frame-wise.
Keep in mind that if you combo into f+A (Cl.C f+A) or dd+A~C after El Diablo you can't do dd+A after. But they're both hard knockdowns so you can go for mixups or safejump in the corner.

Ramon has decent EX moves overall so popping MAX mode has its benefits.
EX somersault (9f) is insanely fast, will catch people all the time from really far.
EX tiger load is the same as EX somersault but runs backwards, invincible during the whole backwards run. Sadly the followups are the same speed and range as the regular version. qcf+P followup gets a very small range boost.
EX sobat (13f/-1) crumples and boosts his combo damage massively, can combo into D sobat or f+A.
EX grab is 1f, has slightly more range and does more damage.

His grab super (1f) is invincible, can be used as a reversal but be careful as most people know this. Switches sides just like his hcf+P.
EX Does 3 flips instead of one for more damage.

El Diablo is an off-the-wall super, Ramon runs all the way to the wall during the super freeze and does a flying chop fullscreen. Invincible till he flies off the wall. Can be used to punish projectiles with slow recovery and meaties with a lot of recovery.
EX (15f) is much quicker and is the one you'll mainly use as the regular version won't combo from anything unless your back is against the wall.
This is also the only super he has that'll keep the opponent in the corner, grab super and Climax leave the opponent midscreen.

His climax (12f) is a running grab similar to Somersault. Overall not worth the extra bar compared to EX Diablo unless it'll kill. Invincible for a bit at the start.

His combos are very straight forward

-Cl.B cl.A hcf+P
-Cl.C df.B MAX cl.C df.B EX sobat D sobat>followup> dd.A xx EX el Diablo, OTG kneedrop in the corner possible.
-Cr.A cr.B MAX cl.C df.B EX sobat D sobat>followup> dd.A xx EX el Diablo
-Cl.B far B MAX cl.C df.B EX sobat D sobat>followup> dd.A xx EX el Diablo
-Cl.B cl.A far B MAX Cl.C ...

Extra notes:
-CD on hit cancelled into somersault~stop to close in can combo into Sobat from near fullscreen.
-His cr D (12f/-4) is solid but really slow, can cancel into df.B even on whiff. Cr.D whiff cancel df.B grants you a low from like 3/4 the screen. Can catch a lot of people off guard.
-Cl.B (4f/-6) is a low, can combo into close A and can combo into far B, quick MAX off of it for full combo.
-He has a wall jump which can help you escape the corner, avoid projectiles and start offense in some cases.
-Has tiger noises with his moves for extra badassery.


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