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Meet & Greet / Greetings from the East Coast
« on: July 07, 2011, 05:44:20 PM »
Hello ladies and gents.  Not been lurking as much on this forum as others, but found a lot more information on XIII and character specifics I wanted to find.  Not played as many KoFs as some here, but started to play the games more and wanted to get more serious when XI was around.  Helped there were arcades back then with machines of it to get more interest of me. 

Play quite a bit of fighting games, but was brought up more with 3d fighters.  Even so, after playing XI, some of the older versions, and playing 2002 UM for a while, KoF has been one of the more appealing 2d fighters to me despite my SF dominated area.  I do have a youtube in my signature of some things I play. 

Been hyped for a while for XIII since XII was a big let down for me.  I am hoping to play XIII for a while since I played XI for a good while even on my PS2 and playing at friends' houses when the arcade machines were gone.  Trying to figure out the console to pre-order the game for since I am a bit torn.  If you guys have any input on that, that would be greatly appreciated.

Also trying to decide what team I want to play as well.  I could list off all the characters I have played, but that might take too long.  I know I will be playing Athena after a few matches I favored, but the rest of the team is up to debate.

Before I ramble on too much longer, I will just say happy to listen to any knowledge and willing to learn since I want to seriously play XIII.  Thank you for reading. :)

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