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Meet & Greet / Sup DC and socal snk scene
« on: October 03, 2010, 07:33:07 PM »
Sup everyone my name is Richard but i preferred being called fatboi lol.  You can say w/e you want it doesn't really bother me.  I am not completely new to the kof scene but i think im ok at it.  some of the people might know who i am at AI.  im the short fat asian guy that plays blue terry, 02 color kyo and yellow K'.

Hopefully ill learn a lot in DC and maybe sometimes soon the character boards will have a lot more discussions then just character combo's.  I was hoping i would find like some match up threads but guess not but hopefully there will be one soon so i can provide some information i have troubles on and hopefully i can help others too base on my experience.  ill be asking a lot of questions on the character section hoping to improve my mains.  i wanna make my Terry BEAST!! since i dont see a lot of terry players out there :)

Hopefully i can get solid in kof like how i am in ssf4.
I also play SC2 sometimes but not as much i suck at it lol so far im in gold division only and dayum i thought i was bad but a lot of people in gold suck a lot more then i do lol. 
I just also recently started playing Final Fantasy XIV in the server Besaid.

Im going to try to be a regular at AI and improve on my KOF and SF skills.  Im going to try to participate as much as i can in the sf and kof scene at ai to show my support.  I need to get out of the house anyways staying home to play MMO's = no good hopefully ill become good friends with the regulars at the arcade scene.

Training Room / trying to get better at KOF.
« on: October 03, 2010, 06:00:30 AM »
Sup everyone.  I am not completely new to the kof scene but i think im ok at it.  some of the people might know who i am at AI.  im the short fat asian guy that plays blue terry, 02 color kyo and yellow K'.

I want to get solid at the game but there are a few things i have very low knowledge of about the game.  If anyone can direct me to some place or anything about frame data it would help me out a lot.  so i know whats unsafe to do and etc.

Coming from a SF player i do understand majority of the fundamentals of the game but i still have some problems.

so heres a few things i hope ppl can help me can give me advice on.

i still need to work on regular hops.  every time i try to do it i get an hyper hop instead lol.  ill get use to it soon.

Cross Ups:  For some reason i have no clue why i cant cross up with certain attacks and ive seen ppl done it so im guessing its my timing or the jump i use.  For ex:  sometimes i was able to cross up with a jumping  ;b while opponent is cornered.  but sometimes i just seem to land in front for some reason and i thought i would have crossed up.  maybe because im using the wrong jump? hitting button to late?  so any tips would help on how to cross up lol.  i cross up fine in ssf4 but in kof it feels kind of different in a way to me.  

Match Ups:  If anyone have any link on match up discussion on the previous KOF games it would be helpful.  maybe i can try to learn those and apply it to kofxiii.  right now i dont understand how to fight a lot of characters at the moment and how to approach them.  

maybe someone can give me some advice on how i should play my characters.  i enjoy rushing down thats how i always am and when i get a knock down i try to mix things up to keep the pressure.  but im pretty sure there are a lot of things i need to learn especially my options when i get a knock down or on block and etc.  i would also like some information on how certain characters are played.  Like for example ppl someone told me kula is a poking type of character how and what makes her that type.  yeah basically i need to understand every character and how they are meant to be played so i have general knowledge on what they are most capable of and their weakness.

today i just learned that for Terry that his crack shot and kyo's double kick juggle launcher is unsafe on certain characters that have 1 frame moves on block.  im guessing in this game command grabs are 1 frame?

so far i have problems on how to approach grapplers in this game like goro and clark.  goro has some nasty pokes and i need to learn how his ground slam works.  so any advice on how to avoid those will be  cool.  just wondering in general if i knock down goro or clark what can i do to keep the pressure with terry and kyo.  when i cross up they roll out.  should i just short hop to pressure?  im scared to run in and hit low since i think imma eat a command throw.  so right now i just try to zone and poke til i see them mess up and have an opening then i try to punish and pressure them.  

Rolling:  i noticed how rolling is very punishable.  i dont use it as often because usually in general i will get wrecked for using that.  so when is it a good idea to use it?  when ppl jump at me? or any other certain situations you can tell me.  someone told me if i noticed a pattern if im cornered i can use it to get away.  just wondering does rolling still help as cross overs in kofxiii?  i havnt seen anyone use it in kofxiii but ive seen ppl use it in 98um sometimes.  i dont usually use rolls.  i just usually use  ;c ;d on block when i have meter so i can get them away from me.

imma try to play more kof xiii at ai when i drop by.  sometimes i get too carried away and forget that i have a coin up on the kof machine when i play ssf4 lol.

any advice will be helpful.

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