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Social Club / Hard Corps: Uprising
« on: March 27, 2011, 04:05:44 PM »
Has anyone else played it? This game is fantastic in my opinion. Arc System Works has made a downloadable game for a very affordable price with s very well done animated intro and multiple outros in the same quality. I don't know how much effort they put into this, but it does not dissapoint. It feels like something i could have paid full price for.

This game amazes me because it has an oldschool arcade mode that will take a long time to beat, and while it helps you with a few pointers, as a whole though, it does not hold your hand. The second game mode called "rising mode" allows you to power up your character, and is thus ultimately the games easy mode. I find it a good adition because even though it's not as fun to me, it helps me learn the stages and bosses so i have a better chance in arcade mode without replaying the tough and thus in a sense long game from scratch for eternity just to beat that one boss on a later stage.

So, again, has anyone else tried it? If so, what are your opinions of this game?

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