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Social Club / KOF characters' astrology signs list
« on: January 06, 2013, 11:18:23 AM »
I don't know why I'm interested in this, but I looked up all their signs.  Don't know if anyone will care, probably not, but wanted to get it out of my system.

Yeah, it's probably meaningless.  Oh well.

Aries (Cardinal Fire) 9 - Joe, King, Kasumi, Iori, Mature, Shingo, Heavy D!, Brian Battler, Gai Tendo
Taurus (Fixed Earth) 5 - Tizoc, Clark, Daimon, Chris, Chin
Gemini (Mutable Air) 6 - Benimaru, Kula, Xiangfei, May Lee, Gato, Oswald
Cancer (Cardinal Water) 9 - Bao, Goenitz, Mr. Big, Silver, Chizuru, Kyo-1, Kyo-2, Hwa Jai, Maki
Leo (Fixed Fire) 6 - Andy, Ryo, Yamazaki, Seth, Jhun, Syo Hayate
Virgo (Mutable Earth) 3 - Ralf, Heidern, Shen
Libra (Cardinal Air) 7 - Kensou, Whip, Clone Zero, Original Zero, Igniz, Shion, Chang
Scorpio (Fixed Water) 3 - Choi, Elizabeth, Krizalid
Sagittarius (Mutable Fire) 8 - Kyo, Yuri, Vice, Ramon, Foxy, Lucky Glauber, Saisyu, Kim
Capricorn (Cardinal Earth) 7 - Robert, Leona, Mai, Yashiro, Billy Kane, Vanessa, Eiji
Aquarius 11 (Fixed Air) - Shermie, Blue Mary, Takuma, Geese, Rugal, Ash, Malin, Adelheid, Duck King, B. Jenet, Lin
Pisces  (Mutable Water) 8 - Terry, Athena, Maxima, Angel, Duo Lon, Raiden, Momoko, Hinako
Unknown 10 - K', Nameless, Kusanagi, Wolfgang Krauser, Jazu, Magaki, Orochi, K9999, Mukai, Saiki

I got Elizabeth's birthday from the KOF 15th anniversary site at, but a GameFAQS FAQ for KOFXIII by Ice Queen has her birthday as Jan 11th (Capricorn).  I mailed her to find out where she got that and if it was from a more recent source than the anniversary site.

Air - 24
Fire - 23
Water - 20
Earth - 15
Cardinal - 30
Fixed - 25
Mutable - 25
Yang - 47
Yin - 34
Personal - 29
Interpersonal - 19
Transpersonal - 34

Garou: Mark of the Wolves
Aries - none
Taurus - Hotaru Futaba, The Griffon Mask(Tizoc)
Gemini - Kim Dong Hwan, Gato
Cancer - Rock Howard
Leo - none
Virgo - Marco Rodriguez
Libra - Hokutomaru
Scorpio - Freeman
Sagittarius - Kevin Ryan
Capricorn - Kim Jae Hoon, Grant
Aquarius - Bonne Jenet, Kain R. Heinlein
Pisces - Terry Bogard

Air - 5
Earth - 5
Water - 3
Fire - 1
Fixed - 5
Mutable - 5
Cardinal - 4
Yang - 6
Yin - 8
Personal - 5
Interpersonal - 3
Transpersonal - 6

I don't really want to be the kind of person that cares about astrology, so I won't discuss what any of it means unless somebody wants to.

added Samurai Shodown:
Aries 3 - Gen-An, Sankuro, Tam Tam
Taurus 3 - Genjuro, Mina, Mizuki
Gemini 2 - Cham Cham, Kuroko
Cancer 4 - Kazuki, Rimururu, Shiki, Yumeji
Leo 5 - Earthquake, Gaoh, Hanma, Sieger, Taizan
Virgo 3 - Haohmaru, Ukyo, Zankuro
Libra 3 - Nakoruru, Rera, Yunfei
Scorpio 2 - Andrew, Gaira
Sagittarius 1 - Kyoshiro
Capricorn 6 - Basara, Galford, Nicotine, Sugoroku, Wan-Fu, Yoshitora
Aquarius 1 - Charlotte
Pisces 2 - Jubei, Sougetsu
Unknown - Amakusa, Asura, Enja, Hanzo, Iroha, Kusaregedo, Ochamaro, Rasetsumaru, Seishiro, Shizumaru, Yuga

Meet & Greet / hello, nobody important. (Minneapolis, MN)
« on: October 27, 2011, 02:19:47 PM »
Hi, my name's Chris.  I live in Minnesota, USA and like King of Fighters series.  I own a lot of different fighting games but I very rarely play them (not really sure why, I do enjoy playing against people who aren't very skilled, maybe no patience for practice and kind of afraid of people), but I like to read about KOF and read other people talking about KOF and watch videos.  When I do play games, it's mostly only Infantry Online these days, but I used to play more.  I have preordered KOF13 (yay for nifty soundtrack), and look forward to its release.

I look forward to continuing to lurk.

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