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Meet & Greet / Newbie from Sacramento
« on: November 23, 2011, 10:22:49 PM »
Hey guys. Im new to the KOF scene. I dont think I have ever played a KOF actually. I remember playing AoF, Fatal Fury, and Samurai Showdown as a kid, but that was always when I was waiting to play SFII CE or Final Fight at the arcades. Since SF4 came out, I have been drawn to C.Viper and Rufus.  Everyone says that those characters play more like a SNK character, so I started looking into KOF.

I have been watching the IPW Southtown Ranbats, and I've been getting hype for this game! The characters look cool, the graphics look good, and it seems like a very deep game. I'm a big fan of hops because I play JoJo's from time to time, and hops are important in that game too.

I picked up my copy yesterday, and it's fun. I really dont know who to start with so the first 3 random characters I got were Joe/Yuri/Iori.  The combos are cool, because it feels a like a good mix between chains and links.  I havent really tried any of the advanced combos yet, but I cant wait until I get used to HD. The drive cancels are pretty easy to do and it looks flashy.

I volunteer at the Sacramento Central Library downtown, where I set up games to play for free. I usually setup, SF, Marvel, CoD, Rockband... but I will definately add this game to the lineup!

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