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Full details here:

I'm only highlighting the general info and KoF information.

Alberta Beat Down 2013
Tournament Gaming Fees

Entry to gaming tournaments is $10 per person per tournament. Fees go towards the prize pot. Please use the online Gaming Sign up Form. No other sign-up method is accepted. Payments must be made using PayPal. Please note you must also purchase an Animethon pass in addition to tournament fees. If you only wish to game then you can purchase a $15 gaming-only pass when you arrive.

You may also sign up in person at the convention before signup's are closed. No exceptions for late commers -.-

Tournament Gaming Info

Animethon and Edmonton Gamers is proud to present “Combofiend” as our industry gaming guest! He is well-known fighting game player that currently works with Capcom as the Fighting Game Community Manager. He will be commentating in the gaming room during the Alberta Beat Down as well as doing a panel for gamers and fans alike.

Facebook group:

Don't miss out on your chance to meet a Capcom rep and hear about their plans for the future for videos games as we approach a new era in gaming!

Grant MacEwan: (10700 - 104 Avenue) Room 7-142 and Room 7-185


All games outside of smash bros games will be played on Xbox 360
Venue FEE: $15.00
$10.00 per person per game
$20.00 per team (Or $10.00 per person per team)
All games are double elimination tournament
2 out of 3 games per match (UMVC3 Will be 3 out of 5)
3 out of 5 games grand finals



All games outside of smash bros games will be played on Xbox 360
$10.00 entry for all games
All games are double elimination tournament
2 out of 3 games per match (UMVC3 Will be 3 out of 5)
3 out of 5 games grand finals

1st-2nd-3rd = 60/30/10 of collected pot

Stream 1
Edmonton Gamers

Stream 2
Crouch Fierce TV

1:00 pm King of Fighters 2013 (Singles)
5:00 pm Special event matches

King of Fighters 13
PJ vs Combo Fiend

Please note that there are other special exhibition matches listed on the SRK thread so I don't know if the KoF match will start at 5:00PM or later. I will be doing the commentary for the KoF exhibition.

Elisabeth Branctorche / Elisabeth Match Up Thread
« on: May 27, 2013, 06:02:07 PM »
Okay, I've been trying to fill in Elisabeth's match up information within the Wiki but I figure it would be faster and more productive if the community worked together on this. I'll use the first post to summarize all key match up points and all important information will be posted on the wiki.

Andy Bogard
Ash Crimson
Athena Asamiya
Benimaru Nikaido
Billy Kane
Chin Gentsai
Clark Still
Duo Lon
Elisabeth Branctorche (mirror match)
Goro Daimon
Hwa Jai
Iori Yagami (Claw)
Iori Yagami (Flame)
Joe Higashi
Kim Kaphwan
Kula Diamond
Kyo Kusanagi (XIII)
Kyo Kusanagi (NESTS)
Leona Heidern
Mai Shiranui
Ralf Jones
Robert Garcia
Ryo Sakazaki
Shen Woo
Sie Kensou
Takuma Sakazaki
Mr. Karate
Terry Bogard
Yuri Sakazaki


All the tournament information is there but I just want to highlight KoFXIII.

Keep It Classy 3 (May 4th 2013 - Edmonton, Alberta)

Date: Saturday May 4th 2013.
Venue Opens at 10:00AM.

Location: Macewan City Center Campus Building 6 Cafeteria



$5. If you bring a setup, you don't have to pay the venue fee.

There's no final information on the KoFXIII side tourney. There's been expressed interest in the Edmonton FGC to learn KoFXIII but players are looking for a helping hand to learn the game. Those who are familiar with the Edmonton FGC will be glad to know that PJ and I will be hosting a station to help players who want to learn the game. This information has been posted on the Edmonton FGC facebook group, SRK, and now here. If anyone knows anybody in the Alberta area who is looking to learn please let them know. Hope to see a good turn out this Saturday.

General Discussion / MLG & KoFXIII?
« on: February 13, 2012, 06:36:24 PM »
If you follow Offcast on twitter he recently tweeted this:

"Your video, King of Fridays @UCI 1.1 Pt.1, may have content that is owned or licensed by Major League Gaming."

Now this could have been a mistake as the 2nd video didn't get tagged with this, and while nothing is concrete, at the moment, it obviously got me thinking about "what if KoFXIII got picked up by MLG?".

I think this would be huge for the KoF community if XIII got picked up by MLG but what does everyone else think? This could potentially mean a lot more players would starting picking up the game seriously, and we could see a huge increase in the KoF player base/community. On top of that, it could help push ATLUS & SNK-P to continue to support the game with more cash prizes, content, or even help fund a new game.

TL; DR - Thoughts on what would happen if MLG picks up KOFXIII?

Meet & Greet / New player from Alberta
« on: December 06, 2011, 12:23:24 AM »
Hello everyone,

I'm new to Dream Cancel and I'm from the Edmonton, Alberta area. There are about 5-8 of us in Edmonton who are making KoFXIII are main fighting game. We're hoping to grow the local scene and expand it out to our rival cities as well but it's pretty tough with Capcom games being the more dominant force. We play every Wednesday at a LAN center called OverKlocked. If you're in the area future information about our local gatherings can be found here.

We will be streaming our casuals every Wednesday at KoFXIII is our first competitive KoF title so we're still learning a lot about the game. Any constructive feedback on how we can improve will be greatly appreciated.


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